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Eagan Sewer Repair

Eagan Sewer Repair
The Eagan sewer repair professionals that work for us are some of the best in the business. We can perform Eagan sewer inspections at residential or commercial properties to determine if the line has a dense clog or damaged materials. Many of our customers delay calling us when there are signs of problems with a building’s drainage system, leading to damage to pipes that will require a Eagan sewer replacement instead of an Eagan sewer repair. When drainage lines underneath buildings have a buildup of debris that is making it difficult for water to flow through a pipe, the problem gets worse in the winter because the clog freezes and expands. This leads to cracked materials that require a total Mendota Heights or Eagan sewer replacement with a trenchless or old-fashioned digging method that costs more money and takes longer to complete.

Sewer Inspection In Eagan

Contacting us for a sewer inspection in Eagan is easy, and we can schedule an appointment right away. After we arrive at a property, we find a way to perform an Eagan sewer inspection using a camera and video camera. We drop the camera into a manhole or building’s drain while viewing the inside of the pipe on a computer screen. This type of sewer inspection in Eagan is noninvasive and costs less money than digging a long trench. If we find a clog inside the line, then we plan an Eagan sewer cleaning that is perfect for removing the debris that is composed of bathroom tissue and grease. There are two types of Minneapolis and Eagan sewer cleaning methods, including hydro-jetting and rooter processes.

Reliable Eagan Sewer Replacement

After removing the debris from a line, we perform another sewer inspection in Eagan to determine if the pipe has damage that requires an Eagan sewer repair before property owners can use plumbing fixtures that are inside a building. In order to fix the damaged pipes that are located underneath the ground, we can dig a long trench to replace each section of pipe. This method destroys landscaping and creates a huge mess, so we recommend trenchless sewer repair in Eagan and/or St. Paul instead. With this cured-in-place pipe method, we insert soft resin pipes into small holes before hardening the items with an ultraviolet light. This sewer repair in Eagan is faster and costs less but provides the same benefits as the digging method.

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From full sewer replacements and installations to simple plumbing repairs, our team of professional Eagan sewer repair experts is the one to call. We have been the go-to sewer repair professionals for years and we always come highly recommended by our many satisfied customers. So don’t hesitate. Give us and our team of Eagan sewer repair experts a call today.