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McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC, Frozen Pipe Repair, St. PaulMinneapolis / St. Paul winters can sometimes lead to nights of “hard freeze” that bring temperatures to extraordinarily low levels. During this time, McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC advises you to prepare your water pipes by taking measures to prevent freezing. While this is effective, there are occasions when it may not work or something might have been forgotten. If water is trapped in your pipes during a period of these temperatures, you may suffer from frozen pipes.

The reason frozen pipes are bad is because when water freezes it expands. This will often cause leaks at joints, cracks down the pipe or even full on bursting. After the ice thaws these damaged pipes lead to water damage in the building; the number one call for insurance claims.

McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC has been providing plumbing services to Minneapolis / St. Paul residents for over 130 years. Our family has a legacy of plumbing expertise in the area and we are extremely experienced in servicing frozen pipe problems. Our plumbing technicians are professionally trained and possess the specialized tools necessary to complete your frozen pipe repair quickly.

When you call McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC we will arrive promptly to your location and bring the necessary tools so we can get to work on your frozen pipes right away. Our aim is to get your plumbing back to normal as soon as possible without further damage to your property. Because we are skilled at installing piping systems, repairing and replacing damaged piping is simple enough for our repair specialists.

At McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC we are dedicated to your comfort and health. For this reason we make ourselves available to Minneapolis / St. Paul residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plumbing problems don’t keep to a normal business hours schedule and neither do we. Frozen pipes could lead to bursting and you may come home to a geyser in your basement. This needs to be addressed immediately no matter what the time. So we have a technician on standby that is ready to assist you at whatever hour. You will always receive the same prompt and courteous service as well.

Don’t let frozen pipes damage your building or property. If your pipes freeze over and cause leaks or worse, call the frozen pipe repair specialists at McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC immediately.

Our Minneapolis / St. Paul Frozen Pipe Repair Specialists Provide the Following Services

  • Frozen Pipe Repair
  • Leak Repair
  • Busted Pipe Replacement
  • Pipe Installation

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