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Maplewood Furnace Repair

Maplewood Furnace Repair
The Maplewood furnace repair professionals that work for our company are guaranteed to have the training and the experience to handle any and every furnace problem you may have. Our local Maplewood furnace repair company, we get calls all the time for furnace systems that are not working properly. Winter seems to be a rough season in these parts, and a furnace is not a luxury; it’s a requirement. One of the main problems we run into is that people are wanting to repair a unit when what they really need is to look at furnace replacement. The average unit will last anywhere from 10-20 years. Just because it is still running doesn’t mean it is energy efficient, or the best model for your home. If your home is on the chilly side, it’s time to have a technician come out and look at doing a Mendota Heights or Maplewood furnace replacement job.

When It’s Time For Maplewood Furnace Replacement

When it comes to classic furnace repair work, we often find a wide variety of things. First, the most common problem that we experience is that the filter change hasn’t been done. If a homeowner doesn’t have a routine furnace inspection, it can cost them big when the heating season rolls around. As a local Maplewood furnace repair company, we know the importance of having that unit inspected. Even though there’s no technician in the house monthly, the filters need to be changed according to the specifications on the unit. Each unit is different, and the types of filters used will also have some bearing.

Common Furnace Repair Issues

Other common Maplewood furnace repair issues have to do with the thermostat. If the thermostat isn’t working properly, then the whole unit won’t function. It can be something as small as a thermostat, as big as furnace replacement, and anything in between. If you heat with natural gas it is especially important to have a furnace inspection each year. We need to make sure that the heat exchanger and the ignition are working properly. Since there is the danger of carbon monoxide with these units, we need to make sure there are no holes in the heat exchanger or your house will have a leak.

Call Our Maplewood Furnace Repair Specialists First

Maplewood furnace repair specialist tells us how poor the conditions of many units are. Your unit needs some TLC just like any other system in the home. You need to make sure it is working and has no strange noises. Make sure there is no build-up of water coming from it, there’s no mold around it, and always call for furnace repair sooner rather than later. We can do a filter change, or we can be your St. Paul and Maplewood furnace replacement specialists.