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Minneapolis Water Filtration

Minneapolis Water Filtration
Our Minneapolis water filtration experts are some of the best in the business. We have the opportunity to enjoy lovely lakes, recreation, have cultural opportunities and partake in other things that come from this size population. One of the things that we especially enjoy is an excellent water system. So don’t hesitate. Give us and our professional Minneapolis water quality experts a call today.

Minneapolis Water Treatment Systems

The water distribution and water treatment system for Minneapolis was established for residents in 1872. This water is obtained from the Mississippi river and, when processed, a number of Minneapolis water quality procedures are used. These include providing sedimentation, disinfection and filtration. Fluoride is added to the water to help fight tooth decay. Approximately 57 million gallons of treated water is produced each day. After processing, the water is stored in a secured reservoir.

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One of the problems many people have with city water is its hardness. Fortunately, in our case, a water softener installation in Minneapolis removes hardness from the water as it is processed. Materials removed from the water are distributed for use on surrounding farmlands. As a Minneapolis resident we are assured our water is safe due to a no cost Minneapolis water quality test that is performed daily. There is also a Minneapolis reverse osmosis water filtration test. These tests, including over 400 others, are performed by water quality experts in Minneapolis. In total, over 182,500 tests are performed each year. With approximately 40 percent of water produced going toward residential customers, the water quality experts in Minneapolis are especially vigilant in making sure these customers obtain the highest quality water available. Their Minneapolis water treatment systems are rated among the best in the nation and they maintain an extensive system of construction and maintenance to assure the best water possible to their customers. This includes water pump stations and intakes, reservoirs, treatment plants and approximately 900 miles of water mains.

Carbon Filters

Cities often use chlorine to clean the bacteria and other disease causing organisms from your drinking water. While this is highly effective, it can cause an adverse reaction with hair and skin. The preferred method for removing chlorine from water is a carbon filter. Through the use of activated carbon, our Minneapolis water filtration experts can effectively and safely remove chlorine from your water supply. Give us a call and ask about carbon filters today.

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With their no cost Minneapolis water quality test and their Minneapolis reverse osmosis water filtration method, our water system is able to present both homeowners and businesses with the highest quality water on the planet. In addition, the water softener installation in Minneapolis saves residents hundreds of dollars by eliminating the need for personal water softening systems. As Minneapolis residents, we are happy to be assured a continuous supply of excellent Mendota Heights and Minneapolis water quality that is available on a daily basis.