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Steam Boiler St. Paul, McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and ACMcQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC knows that utilizing the power of water turned into steam for the purpose of heating is a great way to provide clean and dust free heat. This is one of many benefits to having a steam boiler for a heating system. While steam boilers aren’t as common in newer homes, they are very efficient for heating large, multi-resident complexes so they are quite popular among apartment buildings. Boilers are making a slight resurgence, however, in the residential market as they are used to fuel radiant systems that carry steam through a system of pipes underfoot and in the walls.

McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC has been servicing steam boilers in Minneapolis / St. Paul for over 130 years. At one time they were the primary heating system used and many of the older homes in the area still have them. Boilers are known to have a longer lifespan than most any other heating system, so it is no surprise they have lasted this long. Another great benefit to steam boilers is that they have very few moving parts. This makes them easy to service which is another reason why many old boilers are still in use. When they experience faults, you can simply call McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC and we’ll fix it.

Our technicians are professionally trained and are capable of fixing your steam boiler quickly and effectively. While most boilers are older systems, we educate our repair team on how to repair them as there are still many years that a steam boiler is serviceable. Our repair specialists are prompt and provide courteous service and that is why we are the top choice in Minneapolis / St. Paul for steam boiler service.

The McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC Advantage

If you are suffering from kettling or a faulty pump, McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC can fix it fast. If you suffer a water leak or busted pipe, we are also the experts to call as we are professional plumbers. Many times your problem might be due to pipe blockage or frozen pipes. These issues are best addressed by a certified and experienced plumber that also has knowledge in heating systems. No matter what your boiler or radiator problem is, McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC can get it back to working order and fast.

If your steam boiler is beyond repair, we also have access to the finest manufacturers of heating equipment and can replace it. We offer fast and effective boiler installation that will have your heating system working better than ever before. Newer systems are more energy efficient and much more effective at providing a uniform heat.

Whether you need service for your home or your commercial property, don’t entrust your boiler with just anyone from the phone book. Call the boiler experts that have been working on boilers for over a century. Call McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC today.

Our Minneapolis / St. Paul Steam Boiler Experts Provide the Following Services

  • Steam Boiler Repair
  • Steam Boiler Replacement
  • Radiator Repair
  • Radiant System Repair
  • Commercial Boiler Repair 
  • Boiler Maintenance/Tune-Ups

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