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HumidifierDuring the winter, when your furnace is running the most, the air in your home can end up becoming abnormally dry. Dry, warm air can bring not only discomfort but a variety of health and preservation concerns for your family and home, which is why you may need to take steps to preserve a more amicable environment indoors. A whole home humidifier could very well be the solution you need, to maintain your personal comfort, health, while giving your energy efficiency a shot in the arm.

Humidifiers function by adding moisture to the air being circulated within your home. These units often attach to your furnace or air handler, and help circulate humidified air through your central duct systems. Many of these units are even able to run on their own when your heater or air conditioner is not; preserving the healthy and comfortable environment you are after.

The Advantages of a Humidifier

  • Optimal Comfort: You can lower the amount of problems often associated with dry household hair by installing a humidifier, allowing you to maintain a pleasant environment indoors, year round.
  • Health: Viruses and bacteria can sometimes thrive in low-humidity environments, which may make it more likely that you or your family may become sick. By installing a humidifier you can reduce the chance of this and keep your home healthy.
  • Protecting Your Investment: Dry air can actually pose a threat to various aspects of your home, including electronics, your wood floors, walls, furniture, and paint. If your humidity levels are carefully maintained, you can better safeguard yourself against any potential damage.
  • Energy Efficient Home: It is actually more difficult to properly heat and maintain heat in a dry interior space. If your home’s humidity levels are kept balanced, then your home can become easier to heat, helping you keep the thermostat lower along with your monthly energy bills.

By installing a whole home humidifier into your existing heating and cooling system, you can maintain a healthy and comfortable environment. Properly maintained humidity will benefit not only your health but your wallet in the long run, and is an aspect of home health and safety that is often taken for granted. If you think a whole home humidifier might be right for you, give the professional contractors at McQuillan Bros Plumbing Heating and AC a call today.

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