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Spring Plumbing & HVAC Tips

spring plumbing and HVAC tips - McQuillan Bros

Do These Tasks Now to Avoid Trouble Later

As spring waits anxiously in the wings, it’s time to clear out the dust bunnies, check for wintertime plumbing damage and prep your HVAC system for warmer weather. Some home maintenance tasks are perfect for do-it-yourself enthusiasts, while a trained and certified professional is the better choice for other jobs. When in doubt, call the best HVAC contractors in Saint Paul to request inspections and safety checks for your water heater, heating and cooling system, indoor air quality equipment and plumbing components.

Quick Tips for Maintaining HVAC & Plumbing Equipment

Chances are your home’s mechanical systems are showing signs of neglect after a long winter of pumping out heat and hot water. March is the ideal time to bring AC and plumbing systems up to snuff and to ensure they’re ready for a busy summer. Put these tasks on your to-do list—and be prepared to hire a seasoned professional when DIY projects aren’t your strength.

  • Inspect for leaks. After a Twin City winter, it’s wise to check the integrity of pipes and appliances. Boiler systems, pipes and water heaters can develop small leaks that impact system efficiency or major leaks that put homes at risk for water damage. Leaks aren’t always visible. Look for damp areas on flooring and drywall, and don’t allow musty or mildewy odors to go unchecked. Leaky boilers and pipes hidden by walls may make a hissing sound when air bubbles build. Cracked toilet seals can cause wood rot and mold growth in the subfloor. If you suspect any type of leak in your water heater or plumbing parts, shut off your home’s water supply and immediately call a plumbing repair service in Washington County, Hennepin County or Ramsey County.
  • Upgrade HVAC filters. Dirty filters slow down airflow and increase utility bills. Basic fiberglass replacement filters are the cheapest on the market, but it’s worth it to pay a bit more. Quality filters do a better job of safeguarding heating and cooling equipment and improving indoor air quality. Disposable electrostatic filters enhance IAQ by trapping tiny particles. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters offer best-in-class filtration and are recommended for occupants with asthma and respiratory disorders.
  • Have boilers and water heaters inspected. You may be used to flushing your conventional water heater tank, but it’s a good idea to hire a professional to inspect the device’s temperature valve, water tank and electrical connections. Our friends at Tureks Plumbing Services, a plumbing company that offers water heater replacement in Appleton, WI, says tankless water heaters can develop scale buildup or have dirty water filters by the end of winter, impeding performance and reducing efficiency. Your plumbing technician will check for these types of issues and others during your Home Care Club maintenance checkup.
  • Drain sump pumps. Use a wet/dry vacuum or utility pump to suction standing water from submersible sump pump pits; then remove dirt, gravel and debris buildup. This simple act extends your sump pump’s life span and elevates efficiency during spring storms and runoff collection. McQuillan Bros’ five-star plumbing repair service in Washington County can address sump pump problems that go beyond these basic steps. The average sump pump life is 10 years, so aging devices should be inspected as they near the decade mark.

McQuillan Bros—Boiler Replacement Specialists

A failing air conditioner, boiler, or water heater puts a serious damper on summer fun—and may cause costly damage to your home. Savvy homeowners get their HVAC and plumbing inspections before warm weather arrives in the Twin City region. Prepare your Washington, Hennepin or Ramsey County home for spring’s arrival by joining our Home Care Club. Your membership quickly pays for itself and includes seasonal inspections, repair discounts and priority service when home mechanical systems go belly up.
Applauded by the most discerning homeowners for our high-caliber service, we’re Minnesota’s Original plumbing, heating and cooling company. Contact our HVAC contractors in Saint Paul and Minneapolis by dialing (651) 212-5828 . For your convenience, you can also request plumbing repair service in Washington County and beyond using this simple online form.

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