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Ductless AC for Older Homes

ductless ac for older homes

Easy Solutions for Summer Comfort

Historic mansions and charming Victorians grace the streets of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, adding to the region’s eclectic mix of architecture. Since many of the area’s older homes feature masterfully crafted details like hand-carved moldings, coffered ceilings and wainscoting, homeowners concerned with preservation are often reluctant to disrupt aesthetics with modern conveniences like central air conditioning. With McQuillan Bros’ help, now is the perfect time for residents to choose a practical alternative to obtrusive ductwork or window AC units.
Introducing ductless air conditioning from our premier HVAC company in Washington County. Ductless AC is a discreet, easily installed solution for cooling the Twin Cities’ most beautiful vintage homes.

High-Velocity, Small-Duct Cooling Systems

Many century-old houses were designed with high ceilings to improve air circulation and comfort during muggy summer months. These same high ceilings allowed traditional AC to be added later, but the installation of ductwork and dropped ceilings detracted from a building’s charm. Today’s high-velocity, small-duct AC systems enable owners and property managers to enhance a home’s comfort and productivity while preserving or restoring high ceilings. McQuillan Bros’ plumbing contractors in Minneapolis install ductless climate solutions that include high-performance, aesthetically pleasing innovations like these:

  • Compressors: Small enough to hide away in an attic or closet.
  • Outlets: Compact ceiling, wall or baseboard vents that don’t cheapen architectural appeal.
  • Duct tubes: Insulated flexible tubes that are threaded through wall studs or floor joists from the compressor to the outlets.

In non-ducted AC systems, a high-velocity air stream mixes with ambient air to create a comfortable, whole-house environment. Since heating features are also available, ductless systems are a smart solution for replacing noisy and inefficient radiators and boilers.

Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Mini-split heat pumps are another eco-friendly, practical option for adding AC to residences without ductwork. These green HVAC systems are a highly efficient solution for home additions when existing AC output is too small for the increased space.
Our HVAC company in Washington County installs stylish, low-profile mini-split interior units, but they may still look out of place in your historic home. Keep in mind that these systems consist of a large condenser and heat exchanger outside the house and connected with up to four indoor air-handling units, each equipped with a thermostat. Air handlers are generally mounted high on a wall and connected to a small conduit that transports coolant and electrical power from outdoor units. Mini-splits offer the ability to zone off unoccupied rooms, making them a cost-effective use of energy dollars. Multiple units can be installed to deliver whole-house indoor comfort.

Springtime Discounts on Ductless AC Installations

With the arrival of spring, hot and humid weather is looming. Get a jump on summer with high-velocity and ductless mini-split air conditioning installation by McQuillan Bros, expert plumbing contractors in Minneapolis since 1883. Save money on AC installation with these special offers and add the comfort of cool, dehumidified air without a major remodel of your vintage home. Call (651) 212-5828 to learn more about innovative McQuillan Bros AC solutions. For your convenience, you can also request an estimate using our simple online form.

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