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5 Easy Home Maintenance Tasks

5 Easy Home Maintenance Tasks

Simple Home Maintenance Will Save You Money

The official start to summer brings out do-it-yourself fever in many Minnesota residents. Ambitious homeowners emerge with a burning desire to be creative and productive, both indoors and out. A quick YouTube or Pinterest search inspires and local home improvement centers supply the products and know-how to do the job.
Before you begin a DIY project that will last the rest of the summer, though, it’s wise to prioritize necessary home maintenance. A few hours spent on small tasks can pay big dividends in money and energy savings. The Department of Energy estimates that the average homeowner could be paying an extra $200 to $400 a year on energy lost in leaky ducts, drafty openings and outdated HVAC systems. If performing maintenance doesn’t satisfy your DIY bug, it pays to call in the pros for handyman services like water heater cleaning in Ramsey County.
If you don’t mind giving up a few hours for routine tasks, there are plenty of small jobs you can tackle to improve your home. Attending to normal wear and tear on windows, doors, faucets and fixtures helps keep energy and water waste to a minimum. Servicing appliances and HVAC equipment like ductless mini-split AC in Washington County prolongs their lifespans. A few hours devoted to these tasks will result in lower year-round utility bills and less-frequent equipment replacement.

5 Easy Home Maintenance Tasks

These easy, one-day fixes will satisfy your inner craftsman and save you money throughout every season.

  1. Drain & maintain your water heater. Sediment and limescale buildup in your water heater tank may lead to premature failure. Drain water from the tank until no more sediment comes out. Take care; you will remove at least two to three gallons of very hot water. Also, check the pressure valve to ensure it is operational and adjust the temperature to 120° for the most efficient use of energy and reduced scalding risk.
  2. Clean or replace filters. Summer means heavy work for your AC and indoor air quality equipment. Clean or replace filters frequently to keep these systems running efficiently.
  3. Clear away yard debris. Leaves, grass and blowing debris collect around outdoor heat pumps and AC units. Keep air intakes clear by periodically removing these obstructions.
  4. Caulk & seal. Harsh Minnesota winters take a toll on weatherproofing. Summer is the time to repair cracked caulking and replace worn weatherstripping around windows and doors.
  5. Stop indoor & outdoor leaks. Gallons of water are wasted every year—one drip at a time. Check indoor faucets and outdoor hydrants for worn washers, incorrect pressure and built-up sediment. Install aerators on faucets to save more money on water bills.

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Undertaking a DIY project should be fun, not stressful. If your interests are creative, you don’t want to spend summer weekends on water heater cleaning in Ramsey County or preparing your furnace for winter. As a member of McQuillan Bros Home Care Club, you won’t have to. Home Care Club members receive the regular inspections and service required to keep HVAC equipment running smoothly and manufacturers’ warranties in effect. And, when repairs are needed, you’ll enjoy discounted prices and priority service.
Four generations of Minnesota families have relied on McQuillan Bros for quality heating, plumbing and AC service and equipment. We’ve earned a reputation for state-of-the-art expertise coupled with old-fashioned values like upfront pricing and honest work. For plumbing repair, AC installation or ductless mini split AC in Washington County and throughout the Twin Cities, call (651) 212-5828 to speak with a McQuillan Bros representative. You can also schedule service with our convenient online contact form.

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