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No Hot Water: What You Need to Know

no hot water - Twin Cities MN

No Hot Water: What You Need to Know

It doesn’t matter if you rent or own. Your household needs hot water. Although we don’t really think about it, we use hot water daily. Thank you, hot water heaters! However, if you ever experience water heater problems, such as no hot water, you’ll need to know what to do next. In this blog, our Twin City plumbers discuss everything you need to know about your water heater that has no hot water.

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A Leaking Tank

There must be water in the tank for a water heater to work. If there is no hot water, the tank is most likely leaking. An empty tank is a serious issue and wastes a lot of resources. Examine the links between the appliance and its valves, as well as the pipework. Check the tank’s compartment if those are safe. If there is water in the compartment, the appliance should be replaced.

no hot water - Twin Cities MN

Gas Leak

A natural gas leak from your water heater is both inconvenient and risky. If you suspect a gas leak, contact the utility provider as soon as possible. The gas company technician is knowledgeable, but his primary goal is not to fix your hot water heater. His evaluation of the appliance determines the next steps. If there is a natural gas leak, the gas provider will work on options under their jurisdiction. If there is no gas leak, you’ll need to hire a local plumber for water heater repair.

Faulty Electric Water Heater

When it comes to your water heater, energy conservation is important. Both an electric and a gas water heater will keep you from waking up with no hot water in the house. But do you understand the distinction between a gas and an electric water heater? Obviously, the hybrid version is powered by electricity. If you don’t have hot water in your building, turn off the heater first. The circuit breaker should then be reset. If the circuit breaker tripped, your home would have hot water again in around an hour. A circuit breaker that keeps tripping is a bad sign, so press the reset button. If the problem persists, consult a trained electrician.

Defective Gas Valve

Those who have a gas water heater and are experiencing a lack of hot water should inspect the appliance’s supply line. If there are no leaks, inspect the gas valve. It must be secure and in the proper location. After that, double-check that the gas is turned on. If the gas valve is working properly, look into the pilot light. It’s possible that you’ll have to re-light the pilot many times. It must remain lit. If it doesn’t, the gas line may be to blame because it is impeding the flow of gas.

If none of these measures produce hot water within an hour, you may need to hire a plumber for water heater replacement. When upgrading your water heater, keep in mind that there are additional costs to remember, and most homeowners choose between a conventional or tankless water heater.

Inadequate Thermostat

The thermostat on a water heater must be set between 122 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit for it to produce hot water while remaining energy efficient. Check the upper thermostat if there is no hot water, if the supply is insufficient, or if the water is too hot. If the thermostat fails, it must be replaced. Because of sediment buildup, even though the thermostat is working, a lack of routine maintenance may cause problems. Flushing your water heater will solve the problem.

Water Heater Tank Size

If your water heater tank is too small, your household will be inefficient and will run out of hot water faster. Our friends at Tureks Plumbing, Fox Valley plumbers, point out that this problem is commonly noticed when the number of people living in your home increases. For example, if your family expands or if you have guests staying over. If you’re unsure if your water heater is the right size, contact a professional plumbing company.

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