Plumbing & HVAC Services in Burnsville

hvac & plumbing burnsville, mnMake sure you know who to call when an issue arises with the plumbing and HVAC systems at your home or business in Burnsville, MN. McQuillan Bros offers expert assistance for anything going wrong or that you are looking to have done.
Keep our number on hand so that you can dial it as soon as you realize you need a professional’s help. We can arrive in no time and get to work addressing the problem and getting everything back to normal.


Allow our team to take care of anything needing to be done regarding the plumbing at your property. We work on all kinds of jobs, from big to small, and on any component or part of septic systems. From plumbing repair and maintenance to plumbing installation or replacements, there is a technician on hand for whatever it is you require. They can get everything done quickly and efficiently so that you are not inconvenienced any longer than you have to be in Burnsville.


Don’t stress about having to take cold showers if your water heater is malfunctioning; just call McQuillan Bros. We have water heater repair experts on staff that will come inspect the appliance, locate the source of the issue, and get it fixed fast. Sometimes we run into situations in Burnsville where the unit is badly damaged or very old, and replacing it turns out to be a smarter choice. In these cases, we will take out your current one and do water heater installation to get the new one put in.


The comprehensive services we offer in Burnsville also extend to cooling systems as well. Our technicians can perform A/C repairs on units that are not working or aren’t operating and efficiently as they should. A/C installations services are available for those who are needing to have their air conditioning replaced or updated, or are interested in adding one for the first time. We also offer help with A/C maintenance and can come out to your place for routine inspections, cleanings, and tune-ups.


For professional assistance with the heating system that serves your property, turn to our experts. We are able to do heater repairs when things are going wrong and there is no warm air coming out of your vents. Trust that we will be there soon to do furnace repairs and fix things, because we don’t want you freezing while waiting for help in Burnsville.
When you need heater maintenance performed, we are the ones to call for that too. Allow us to stay on top of all the needed upkeep for the unit, as taking care of it will allow it to last longer and prolong the need to hire for new furnace installation.


If you or anyone that frequents your building has allergies, asthma, or other problems, whole home humidifier installation may be a beneficial thing for the property. By adding moisture to the atmosphere, these devices help to purify the air and make indoor air not so stuffy. Those in Burnsville who already have one and enjoy the benefits can count on us to do any whole home humidifier repairs if it ever has problems.


Contact the McQuillan Bros staff at any time for help with a plumbing, heating, or cooling project. We use our years of experience to work fast and get things done correctly for our clients in Burnsville and the surrounding areas. Reach out now!