HVAC & Plumbing Services in Linwood

hvac & plumbing linwood, mnFor help with the plumbing system or the HVAC setup at your home or business in Linwood, MN, contact the expert staff at McQuillan Bros.
We have a team of skilled technicians who can work on the appliances and fixtures at your property and get everything operating as it should. Dial our number, and we will show up fast to start making things right.


When you hire us for plumbing repairs, maintenance, installation, or replacement, you can feel confident that a professional is going to be the one to show up and handle the work. Our team of plumbers is extensively trained on all facets of sewer service, and can do anything from little fixes to major projects.


There is no need to deal with cold showers and no warm water for laundry or dishes if your water heater goes out. Call our experts, and in no time at all, we will show up in Linwood and get working on the water heater repairs. We may find during our initial inspection of the situation that the unit actually needs to be replaced, at which point we can handle the steps for new water heater installation.


McQuillan Bros also offers comprehensive services for air conditioning units. We can do any A/C repairs required to get your unit running after it breaks down, or do routine A/C maintenance to keep it working optimally. Those in Linwood who are looking to have their current cooling system replaced or to have one put in for the first time can count on our A/C installation team for help.


You can have total confidence in the abilities of our HVAC staff to take care of any heater repairs for a malfunctioning system. Our furnace repair professionals can quickly deduce what the issue is and get it fixed so the warm air can be restored. In addition, we offer heater maintenance services and tune-ups to keep systems from breaking down and prolonging the time before you have to replace it and hire for new furnace installation.


Do you experience breathing problems or respiratory issues at your property in Linwood? It could be due to bad air quality, something that whole home humidifier installation can solve. Our HVAC team is happy to discuss the benefits of one with you, get one set up at your space, and even do humidifier repairs if something is wrong with yours.


When you need top-notch service from trusted professionals, choose McQuillan Bros. We offer full-scale plumbing, heating, and cooling services and are available for projects both small and large. Call us to schedule a time for us to come out and help you in Linwood!