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Minneapolis Heating Maintenance

Is it time to get some work done on your heating system? At McQuillan Brothers, we will come to you fast and get your heater working just the way you need it to work so you can count on staying warm this winter. We won’t leave you to freeze when the bitter winds blow. Call us for an appointment today and we will make sure you can stay comfortable at home.

Heater Maintenance in Minneapolis

heating replacement and maintenance in minneapolisDid you know that maintaining your heater regularly can keep it running for a long time? Our heater maintenance in Minneapolis includes the following: 

  • A visual inspection of all of the components of your heating system. We’ll make sure that all of your visible wires are intact and that nothing looks out of place or broken.
  • Cleaning your system out. There are several places where dust and debris can gather that make it harder for your system to run efficiently. We’ll get all of that cleaned out so it’s easy for your heater to get the air it needs to run well.
  • Testing system components. We’ll make sure everything is running according to the manufacturer’s standards.

Call us for an appointment today!

Furnace Installation in Minneapolis

We’ll get your new furnace installed just right, the very first time. We can even help you find the perfect furnace for you and your family. We’ll make sure it’s the right size and has the energy-saving ratings that you prefer. Then we’ll get it ordered and installed so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

When it’s time for furnace installation in Minneapolis, McQuillan Brothers in on your side. Our team of HVAC experts in Minneapolis will help you get the best furnace and make sure it’s working well before we leave. Make your appointment today!