Plumbing & HVAC Services in Prior Lake

hvac & plumbing prior lake, mnDo you know who to call when there is a plumbing problem or HVAC issue going on at your property in Prior Lake? Keep McQuillan Bros’ number handy, as we offer expert assistance for a long list of needs and things you may need completed. As soon as you realize you are dealing with something that requires the attention of a professional, reach out to us. We show up fast and get to work addressing everything and getting things back to normal.


We have a staff of specialists who can expertly any plumbing repairs or maintenance you need done. Our team does everything by the book and never cuts corners, so you can trust that when we are on the job you don’t have to worry anymore. In the event that you need any plumbing replacement or installation work done, we can also quickly get that handled at your place in Prior Lake.


To receive assistance with water heater repairs, contact our plumbers. We can come out and examine the appliance to try and figure out why it’s not working and how we can fix it. If for some reason we can’t and it needs to be replaced, we will gladly take charge of the steps for water heater installation.


Homeowners and business owners who need professional cooling system help can look to McQuillan Bros. We have more than four decades of experience offering A/C installation service, A/C repairs, and A/C maintenance in the Prior Lake area. With all those years of being a trusted source for service, there is no better company to call for assistance with your air conditioning.


If your heat source is malfunctioning, contact us about coming to do furnace repairs. Our heater repair team will show up fast and use their expert equipment to get your place in Prior Lake warmed up again. In the event that the unit is irreparable, we can do furnace installation and get you set up with a brand new one. And whenever you need regular heater maintenance for your system, you can count on us for that too.


Those in Prior Lake who want to have a cleaner and healthier atmosphere inside their building can have us install a whole home humidifier. These devices act as a line of defense against dry and polluted air by increasing moisture levels. If you have one already but it is broken, give us a call about getting whole home humidifier repairs.


Get in touch with McQuillan Bros to have us handle any plumbing, heating, or air conditioning projects handled by our experts around your property. We work around-the-clock to provide solutions for our clients in Prior Lake, so reach out to our 24/7 hotline