HVAC & Plumbing Services in Shakopee

hvac & plumbing shakopeeWhen you need plumbing help or HVAC aid in Shakopee, our experts from McQuillan Bros will get to you fast, work hard, and get the job done ASAP. We know that you need your home to work well in order to live well and we’ll do all we can to get things back to normal quickly and efficiently.
Find out how easy it can be to get your home running well when you call McQuillan Bros today!

Plumbing Services

If it’s broken and it’s part of your plumbing system, we fix it. We’ll perform any and every plumbing repair that comes up, no matter how big or small it might be. We’ll fix your sewer, unclog your drains, and even repair your faucets.
If it’s plumbing replacement or plumbing installation that you need in Shakopee, we have you covered there, too. We can replace a sink or a faucet or help you remodel your kitchen or bathroom.
Our plumbing maintenance services can keep your pipes clear so you don’t have to worry about your plumbing so much. Call us today to find out more!

Water Heater Services

If you have water heater problems, we have the solution. Whether you need water heater repair or water heater installation in Shakopee, we’ll do what you need us to do to get your hot water back on fast. Don’t live without hot water! Call McQuillan Bros ASAP!

Air Conditioning Services

We offer a complete line of A/C repair, A/C installation, and A/C maintenance services in Shakopee. We’ll fix that broken unit fast, performing any A/C repair you need. We can also help you choose the best new air conditioner, then perform your A/C installation fast. If you need A/C maintenance to help your unit run more efficiently, we’ll get that done, too.

Heating Services

Heat is essential to surviving the winter in Shakopee and we’ll do what it takes to keep yours on. We’ll do any heater repair you need, including furnace repair. If you’re sick of your old heater or it’s too broken to fix, we’ll get you the best heater for you and get your furnace installation completed fast. Regular heater maintenance can mean the difference between frequent breakdowns and a worry-free winter and we’d be happy to get that done for you, too.

Whole Home Humidifier Services

If you have whole home humidifiers that need help, call McQuillan Bros today. We’ll get your whole home humidifier repair completed soon. If it’s whole home humidifier installation you’re looking for, call us for that, too.
We want to be your one-stop-shop for all of your plumbing and HVAC needs in Shakopee. Make your appointment today!