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Plumbing & HVAC Services in St. Louis Park

hvac & plumbing st. louis park, mn

Whatever you need completed involving plumbing or HVAC, it is sure to be something that the team at McQuillan Bros can help with. Our staff of experts can repair, install, replace, or maintain any component of the systems at your home or business in St. Louis Park.

With 135+ years of experience in the area, we have come to the aid of many in the area, and would love to add your name to that list.


The professional plumbers that make up our staff can handle any kind of work that needs to be completed for your place’s septic system. We offer plumbing repairs and plumbing maintenance to keep things operating at peak performance. From pipes and fixtures to appliances and more, we can service it all. If you are looking to have plumbing replacement done, we can easily get the old part taken out and the new one put in. The work we do for plumbing installations is fast to minimize inconvenience.


We do water heaters repairs and installations in St. Louis Park. It is a major hassle and headache to not have hot water for the things you want to do; we understand that and work quickly to get things fixed or to get a replacement unit put in so that things can go back to normal.


St. Louis Park property owners don’t have any reason to be concerned about a broken air conditioner when they call us. We have cooling system experts on staff who can come out and perform A/C repairs or A/C maintenance to fix anything wrong with it and get the cool air blowing again. We also do A/C installations for places that need a replacement or where a unit is being put in for the first time.


Our technicians can help get any heater repairs or heater maintenance done so that your system continues to warm your place adequately. If you need to get a replacement for your heat source because furnace repair service is not a viable option, our staff can walk you through the whole process for furnace installation.


The air inside your home or business in St. Louis Park may be contributing to respiratory issues like allergies and asthma because of how dry the atmosphere is. We do whole home humidifier installation, which can lead to increased moisture and reduced airborne issues. If you have one already and it needs attention, we can perform whole home humidifier repairs to get it working again.


Contact the professional plumbers and HVAC technicians at McQuillan Bros. We can lend our expert assistance for any kind of repair, maintenance, replacement, or installation job at your property in St. Louis Park. Connect with our team to schedule service!