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HVAC and Plumbing Services in Woodbury, MN

At McQuillan Brothers, we love working in your Woodbury, MN community and we love thinking that we play even a small part in making it what it is. Call us whenever you have a plumbing or HVAC problem in your Woodbury home and we’ll come to help you get things back the way you need them to be. We want you to continue to thrive in Woodbury and we’ll do whatever we can to help you do just that.


Our complete array of plumbing services means we can do anything and everything that you need. In fact, whenever you need help with your plumbing in Woodbury, contact us. We do plumbing repairs, installations, and everything in between. We’ll fix your overflowing toilet, even help you figure out your garbage disposal. If you need new pipes run for appliances or a spa, we’ll get them in fast so you can enjoy your new purchases.

Water Heaters

Water heater repair in Woodbury is one of our specialties. It doesn’t matter if yours is gas, electric, or tankless, we’ll get it working again soon. If you’d prefer to install a new water heater, we’ll get that done, too. In fact, water heater installation in Woodbury is something we do a lot of. We’ll make sure you get the right heater for your house by looking at your home’s size and how often you use it. Then we’ll get the installation done quickly so you don’t miss out on anything.

Furnace Repair

Minnesota is known for its cold winters and Woodbury isn’t any different. We’ll make sure your furnace repair in Woodbury is done fast and well, so you can get warm again and don’t have to make another phone call. If you need heater repair in Woodbury, don’t hesitate to call us today.

Heater Maintenance

Proper heater maintenance in Woodbury can mean the difference between replacing your heater after only a few years and having it last for a long time. We’ll clean it out, test everything, and let you know if there’s anything that needs fixing.

Heater Installation

When it’s time for a new heater, you need someone you can trust. We have done furnace installation in Woodbury, MN for years, so we know exactly what to look for. We’ll take account the size of your home, how warm you like to keep it, your energy saving preferences, and more. Then we’ll get you the best heater for you and your family.

A/C Repair

Minnesota may not be known for being warm, but it gets hot and humid here in the summer. Call us for all of your needs surrounding A/C repair in Woodbury, MN and we will get to you fast. We’ll figure out the problem, then help you come up with an air conditioning repair in Woodbury that will keep you cool!

A/C Maintenance

Maintaining your A/C will keep it running for years. We’ll always do your A/C maintenance in Woodbury according to the manufacturer’s specifications, so you can be sure your unit will last as long as possible. Call us for your air conditioning maintenance in Woodbury need and you won’t regret it!

A/C Installation

Need a new A/C? We perform A/C installation in Woodbury, MN all the time. We’ll make sure your air conditioning installation in Woodbury, is done right the first time so you don’t have to be concerned about getting hot this summer!

Whole-Home Humidifiers

If you have allergies or asthma or you get sick when it gets dry, contact us about whole-home humidifiers in Woodbury, MN. We’ll make sure you get a humidifier that suits your home and helps you breathe well, no matter how dry it gets outside.
No matter your home services needs in Woodbury, MN, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of fast. Make your appointment today.