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Minnesota’s Air Conditioning Maintenance Specialists

Whether your air conditioner is new or it’s been part of your mechanical system for eight years or more, proactive care ensures AC life, efficiency and performance. To create a safe, relaxing and productive environment for family and guests, McQuillan Bros keeps an eye on small AC problems before they become big emergencies.

Benefits of St. Paul Cooling Maintenance

Improper cooling can impact your home or business environment more than just about anything, but unless the air conditioner fails in the middle of summer’s worst heat, it’s easy to ignore your AC compressor and ventilation equipment. That’s where our air conditioner maintenance services come in!

Providing routine maintenance for your ductless mini-split, central air conditioner or indoor air quality system, McQuillan Bros helps you achieve these key benefits:

  • Enhanced energy efficiency. A well-operating AC unit assures proper airflow throughout your building. It also optimizes cooling and heating use, which saves you money and lowers energy waste.
  • Reduced repair costs. Regular AC maintenance finds small issues and minimizes the chance of a catastrophic HVAC breakdown. It’s cheaper to keep scheduled service visits than foot the bill for an emergency.
  • Home & business safety. Planning for regular inspection of your HVAC electrical system, vents and components is an essential step to safeguarding your family, home and business.

McQuillan Bros: Minnesota’s Original Maintenance Experts

McQuillan Bros Plumbing, Heating & AC knows just what it takes to keep your air conditioner running at top efficiency. Count on us for industry-leading AC repair—and when your HVAC equipment has reached the end of its life, ask about rebates and credits on new, high-efficiency AC systems.

Don’t take chances when it comes to servicing one of the most important mechanical systems in your home. As St. Paul / Minneapolis air conditioner maintenance specialists, McQuillan Bros keeps your AC or mini-split running efficiently—even during heat extremes. Since 1883, we’ve proudly served generations of home and business owners in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul region. Call 651.400.8566 for a free estimate, or fill out our online request form and a representative will be in touch to discuss AC maintenance.