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High-Velocity HVAC Systems by the Twin City Pros

high velocity hvac system ramsey countyIf you have an older home without ductwork or an existing air conditioner that needs replacing, consider a high-velocity system installed by Minnesota’s Original HVAC specialists. High-velocity systems function much like traditional AC units, but require less ductwork volume and can be installed in homes with minimal space for HVAC infrastructure. Many Hennepin, Washington and Ramsey County residents appreciate the tidy look of small vents and a hidden air handler, as well as the equipment’s proven efficiency.

What is a High-Velocity HVAC System?

Small-duct, high-velocity equipment transports conditioned air through flexible tubing installed in the ceiling and walls of your Twin City home. Since the tube is small and bendable, it fits into the tightest spaces and snakes around obstructions. The result: a superior home climate system installed with minimal impact to your house’s interior. The main components of a high-velocity air conditioner include a blower and coil air handler, also built to fit in compact spaces while offering optimal cooling and heating results.

Advantages of a High-Velocity HVAC System

Designed without intrusive ductwork or wall-mounted ductless equipment, a high-velocity system is appealing from both aesthetic and performance perspectives. Offering the same air conditioning power as larger central AC systems, small high-velocity HVAC systems pack a punch. Enjoy these advantages when McQuillan Bros installs a small-duct unit in your Minneapolis / Saint Paul home:

  • Quiet performance. With tubing that absorbs sound and a well-insulated air handler, high-velocity air conditioners function in the background without distracting your sleep or productivity. No more annoying vibration or noise.
  • Zoned temperature control. When you install more than one air handler, your high-velocity HVAC system brings customized levels of precision cooling to different areas of your home—so you’re comfortable where and when you need it.
  • Discreet. High-velocity systems are compact and don’t require gutting your home to install them. This quality makes them ideal for residents restoring vintage homes, improving comfort in older houses or designing minimalistic new construction.  
  • Highly efficient. Small-duct systems are sealed systems with few leaks and minimal thermal loss, unlike larger duct systems. High-velocity systems also require less power to run, saving on utilities.
  • Even temperatures & air distribution. High-velocity heating and cooling equipment delivers cool air at a faster rate and at even temperatures without hot and cold spots. Most small-duct systems also offer improved humidity management that enhances indoor climate.

Get a High-Velocity Air Conditioning Estimate in Saint Paul or Minneapolis

Whether it’s time to retrofit an older home with AC or you’re upgrading your HVAC system to a high-efficiency option, McQuillan Bros’ licensed and certified specialists can provide a no-gimmicks estimate for the project. Backed by more than a century of heating and cooling expertise, our contractors strive to deliver 100% satisfaction with every service call.

We’re a Hennepin, Ramsey and Washington County mainstay, and we’re raising the bar with our old school, family-operated service standards. Discuss high-velocity HVAC, ductless mini-split systems and other equipment options when you call 651.400.8566 today. For your convenience, you can also connect online, 24/7 and a representative will return your inquiry promptly.