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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Services in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Maintaining a healthy home and work environment means preserving indoor air quality and keeping air free of potentially harmful particulates. Without proper filtration, indoor air may be filled with allergens, dust, bacteria and other contaminants that lead to respiratory problems and decreased comfort. High-quality air is especially critical for residents dealing with allergies, asthma or immune conditions.

Indoor air quality products are chosen based on the needs of occupants as well as the type of HVAC system installed in your home or business. With the help of McQuillan Bros IAQ specialists, you’ll select filtration systems, air purifiers and humidifiers that reduce your chance of illness and eliminate the threat of unwanted particulates.

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Sure, there are DIY steps you can take to keep air quality in check—like regularly replacing HVAC filters. However, when it comes to making sure your home has proper ventilation and optimal indoor air quality, you’ll need the help of a licensed and certified contractor. The air quality in your home or business is worth taking seriously. When it needs improvement, rely on the experienced professionals at McQuillan Bros Plumbing, Heating & AC.

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Our long-standing tradition of excellence stretches back over 135 years, and our team is the cream of the crop. Each technician adheres to our proud legacy of service and is fully committed to providing the best-possible customer care with every visit. Always going the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction, we get the job done right—the first time.

To request an estimate for new IAQ equipment or heating and cooling systems, call 651.400.8566 or complete our brief online form. You’ll enjoy upfront pricing without confusion or surprises on your bill—and our IAQ specialists won’t upsell you on a system you don’t need.