Is it time for air conditioning installation in St. Paul or some A/C maintenance? At McQuillan Brothers, our skilled HVAC techs are ready to help you out, no matter what.

A/C Installation

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A lot of homes in Minnesota don’t have A/C, especially if they are older. When it’s time for A/C installation in St. Paul, our technicians will help you find a unit that’s perfect for your home. We’ll make sure you get the air conditioning installation in St. Paul that you need to keep things cool and keep you comfortable. We’ll also get your A/C installation in St. Paul done fast.
Need to replace your current A/C? We’ll go through the same process to ensure you get the perfect unit for you and your family.

A/C Maintenance

Did you know that performing regular A/C maintenance in St. Paul can help save you money both now and in the future? When you do air conditioning maintenance in St. Paul every year before you turn on your A/C, you make it work more efficiently. This means that you’ll pay less in energy to run it and that it will last longer so you won’t have to pay to replace it as early.
When you call McQuillan Brothers for A/C maintenance in St. Paul, we’ll start by inspecting your entire A/C system visually. Then we’ll clean out any dust and debris that has collected on your coils or on your fan. Finally, we’ll test every part of the unit against the manufacturer’s specifications. If we find any problems, we’ll come up with a plan to get them fixed before you need your A/C for cooling.
Call us for help with A/C installation or air conditioner maintenance in St. Paul today.