HVAC & Plumbing Services in Crystal

hvac & plumbing crystal, mnWhen there is a situation with the plumbing or HVAC system that serves your Crystal-area property, make sure you have the number of a reliable company like McQuillan Brothers on hand. Call us for repair, replacement, or services that will save time, money, and your place from major issues. No matter what exactly is required to be done, trust in our professional staff to ease your worries and handle any concerns you may have.


Make our team of plumbers your choice for any fixes, upkeep, or replacements for parts of your property’s system. We are skilled at working on all components of sewage and waste setups, and can take care of any kind of plumbing repair, maintenance, or installation project you need completed in Crystal.


Those in Crystal who are seeking an expert for water heater repairs can rely upon us. We are sure to get whatever is wrong fixed fast, and if for any reason we cannot, we will let you know that you need a replacement. In these instances, our skilled water heater installation team comes in and swaps out the old unit for a newer, much more efficient one.


Those who are looking for an air conditioning professional to assist with something can contact us for help. Residential and commercial property owners in Crystal can count on our team for A/C repairs and A/C maintenance so things can be mended or tuned up and the unit will stay in good shape. A/C installations are another facet of our cooling service that we extend to those who need a new system or want one installed for the first time.


If you notice your heat source is malfunctioning, don’t worry; just contact us for help. The McQuillan Brothers staff can facilitate professional heater repairs so that your Crystal property stays warm. Our furnace repair technicians have expert tools and equipment to quickly get things reinstated, and if for any reason they can’t, they can offer advice on top-notch brands for new furnace installation. And if you hire us for heater maintenance regularly, you may not need to ever call for repair or replacement!


If you have allergies, our HVAC experts can suggest whole home humidifier installation to help alleviate the symptoms. Designed to add moisture to stuffy and dry air, they are a great way to improve the quality of air inside your home or business. We also offer whole home humidifier repairs for those who are experiencing an issue with theirs.


McQuillan Brothers has 135+ years in business, and in that time we have serviced countless systems at local homes and business, so you can trust we will get yours going. Whether you need your plumbing or your HVAC unit repaired, replaced, maintained, or whatever else, reach out to us in Crystal!