HVAC & Plumbing Services in Ham Lake

hvac & plumbing ham lake, mnAre you struggling with your home in Ham Lake? At McQuillan Bros, we want to make things as easy as possible for you. If you need help with your plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or home humidification systems, we’ll be there for you ASAP.
We promise that we will always send you the expert you need to solve whatever problem you have. We’ll stand by you until your home is working just the way you want it to once again.

Plumbing Services

We offer a complete list of plumbing services, including:

  • Plumbing Repair
  • Plumbing Maintenance
  • Plumbing Replacement
  • Plumbing Installation

No matter what you need throughout your entire plumbing system, we have someone who can help. In fact, our experts have seen everything before so there’s no issue they won’t solve for you. From the stubborn clogs to plumbing remodels, we’ll get the job done fast for you in Ham Lake.

Water Heater Services

Out of hot water? No problem! We’ll help you get your water heater repair done ASAP or we’ll get you a new heater and perform your water heater installation fast. No matter what it takes, we’ll have your covered and our experts will stay until you have the hot water you need once again. Rely on us when you need your hot water back on fast!

Air Conditioning Services

No matter what your A/C needs, we’ll get the task completed fast. Call us for:

  • Regular A/C maintenance, to keep your unit in top shape all year long.
  • A/C installation:.When you need a new air conditioner fast, we’ll get you the right one and put it in, too.
  • A/C repair. If your air conditioner needs some help, we’ll get the job done ASAP.

Our A/C experts promise to get to you fast, listen to your needs, and get your unit working again no matter what that means. Before long, you’ll be comfortable at home again!

Heating Services

If you’re having problems with your heater or furnace in Ham Lake, reach out to the professionals at McQuillan Bros. Call us for:

  • Heater repair, including furnace repair, boiler repair, and more.
  • Heater maintenance
  • Heater installation, including furnace installation and boiler installation.
  • All other heating needs.

We work on a wide variety of systems and we’ll get you warm again ASAP.

Whole Home Humidifier Services

Got whole home humidifiers? Then rely on us for your whole home humidifier repair and whole home humidifier installation whenever those needs arise. Our experts will get you breathing moist air again as soon as possible.
Call us at McQuillan Bros today to solve your home’s problems fast. Our experts will be to your Ham Lake home ASAP and will get things working again as quickly as possible. We’ll stand by you until your home is fully functional.