HVAC & Plumbing Services in Hugo

hvac & plumbing hugo, mn When there is a situation going on involving the plumbing or HVAC system at your place in Hugo, don’t panic. Instead, place a call to the professionals on staff at McQuillan Bros and wait for expert assistance to arrive. Call us as soon as you realize you need help, and in no time at all we will be there to get things under control.


If any part of the plumbing at your property is in disrepair or needs to be replaced, our team will show up quickly in Hugo and get to work so that you are not inconvenienced for long. Whether it is something with the pipes, appliances, fixtures, or anything else, it’s sure to be solved soon.


For help with water heater repairs, reach out to our staff. Our plumbers can come out and inspect the unit to see why it is malfunctioning, and we will let you know if it is fixable or if you are going to need a replacement. If it is the latter, we are happy to handle all the steps of the water heater installation job.


If you need A/C repairs, we will come out to your place in Hugo, fix your unit, and get the cold air blowing again. Those who are looking to have A/C maintenance performed can hire us to do a tune-up. Our technicians can also get a new appliance put in and set up if you need A/C installation.


We have HVAC technicians who can assist with any heater repairs or heater maintenance required to keep your system running. Our team can also put in a new heat source if we find that furnace repairs can’t save your unit. In these cases, the furnace installation experts on our staff will walk you through everything and make sure you get a great replacement.


We also offer whole home humidifier repairs and installations. These devices are great for those in Hugo who suffer from allergies or other airborne-related health issues, because they add moisture to the atmosphere. Allow us to either install one for you or get yours fixed.


Contact McQuillan Bros to receive top-notch service for all your plumbing and HVAC needs in Hugo, MN. We have a team of experts that can come to your aid no matter what it is you require. Next time you have to hire a professional for something in Hugo, dial our number.