HVAC & Plumbing Services in Lindstrom

hvac & plumbing lindstrom, mnIf the plumbing or HVAC system at your place in Lindstrom, MN is acting up or needs attention, place a call to the professionals at McQuillan Bros. We provide expert help for all kinds of situations at homes and businesses in Lindstrom, and can handle everything from repairs and maintenance to installations and replacements.


We have a team of plumbing professionals that can come to your aid for a number of issues. Be it a clogged up drain, a toilet leaking, a burst pipe, or anything else, we know just how to handle it. Any sized job and any sort of work regarding plumbing repairs, maintenance, installation, or replacement can be easily taken care of by our staff.


Our plumbers can quickly complete any water heater repairs you need done, so that you are only inconvenienced for a short amount of time. If you are looking to have water heater installation done, we can get that taken care of for you in Lindstrom as well.


Those in Lindstrom that are interested in having a cooling system put in for comfort and convenience can call us for A/C installation. We also do A/C repairs and A/C maintenance for units that are malfunctioning or broken, or those that just need a tune-up to stay operating optimally.


If the heat source at your property is acting up, give us a call for assistance. We can inspect the system and see what it needs in terms of furnace repairs, and then get to fixing it. If heater repairs are not an option, we can present you with some choices for replacement, and perform furnace installation.
Heater maintenance is another service you can count on us for in Lindstrom. The HVAC professionals on our staff would be happy to come out to your place in Lindstrom and regularly inspect and clean the system.


Many people have poor indoor air quality due to a bad HVAC system blowing dirty air around. By having a whole home humidifier installed you can feel better knowing the air you breathe has more moisture. And if you have one already but need whole home humidified repairs, we can do that too!


Reach out to McQuillan Bros when you are seeking expert help with something at your property. No matter if it is a plumbing or an HVAC issue or what exactly the job entails, we are sure to be able to help. Call us to schedule service!