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At McQuillan Brothers Plumbing, Heating, and AC, we know that you need to keep your Maplewood, MN home running well in order for you and your family to live well. After all, you can’t enjoy life when you are stressed out about your house! Our goal is to take on the Plumbing and HVAC repairs and installations that come up so that you can care for your home with a minimum of stress and strain.
All of our technicians are experts and we aim to give them all the experience they need to fix any problem that arises for you. Whether your heating goes out, your sink drains slowly, or your air conditioning isn’t turning off, we’ll get to you fast and get the problem fixed as soon as we can.

heating repair services - Mendota MN


Water Heater Replacement Twin Cities
Water Heater Replacement Twin Cities

There’s no plumbing job we won’t take on for you! Some homeowners worry about calling us for plumbing repair in Maplewood, MN because they are worried that the job is too small to be worth a plumber so big that it will be overwhelming. We’ll take on the task, no matter what, and get things solved for you.

Like modern wiring systems, knob and tube wiring was not controlled. This meant that the installation of each wiring scheme was one of a kind and took longer. Repairs were time-consuming and risky because of the chaotic nature of the installation.


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