HVAC & Plumbing Services in Minnetonka, MN

hvac & plumbing minnetonka, mnWhen you need help with your plumbing, heating, or A/C, call us at McQuillan Bros right away.
We’ll send out the very best plumbers and HVAC technicians that Minnetonka, MN has to offer so you can get your home back to normal right away.

Plumbing Services

We offer a complete list of plumbing services, including plumbing repair, maintenance, installation and replacement. If you need help with any of the following, give McQuillan Bros a call today!

  • Toilets
  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Pipes
  • Sewers

No matter what plumbing service in Minnetonka, MN you need, we’ll get the job completed fast!
Each visit includes looking at your entire plumbing system, testing your water pressure, and more. We can even look inside your sewer to make sure things are flowing well and there’s nothing to worry about. Call us for plumbing maintenance in Minnetonka ASAP. We’ll also make sure you get the new plumbing installation or plumbing replacement in Minnetonka that you need to make your home look great and work the way you want it to.

Water Heater Services

We’ll handle everything pertaining to your water heater, from water heater repair to water heater installation. We work on conventional water heaters and tankless models so you can always rest assured that we have your back.

Air Conditioning Services

Need A/C help? We have you covered. Call us for:

  • A/C Installation. We’ll get you that new A/C you’ve been needing.
  • A/C Repair. Don’t live without air conditioning. Let us fix it for you fast.
  • A/C Maintenance. Keep your A/C running well for many years!

Heating Services

We know that you need your heat to work during the long Minnesota winter. Call us for:

  • Heater Repair (Including furnace repair). We’ll get you warm at home again soon!
  • Heater Maintenance. Our techs will make sure each part of your heater is working the way it was designed to.
  • Heater Installation (Including furnace installation). Need a new heater? Get it put in the right way the first time when you rely on us at McQuillan Bros.

Whole Home Humidifier Services

When you need help with whole home humidifiers in Minnetonka, contact us right away. We’ll help with your whole home humidifier repair or help you get a new one with a whole home humidifier installation. Our experts will make sure you have the moisture you need to breathe well all year long.
Contact McQuillan Bros whenever you need help with your plumbing, heating, or air conditioning in Minnetonka. We’ll work with you to get you the solutions you need in a manner that is timely, competitively priced, and that makes you feel comfortable. Call us today to get an appointment ASAP.