Plumbing & HVAC Services in St. Anthony, MN

hvac & plumbing st. anthony, mn
The McQuillan Bros team of experts can assist with any of the plumbing or HVAC-related tasks you need completed in St. Anthony.
With more than 135 years in business coming to the aid of property owners, we have gained a reputation for being the go-to team for service. Get in contact with our staff to learn more about how we can help with various projects.


Are there problems with the plumbing system at your property? Call us and we can show up quickly to get things under control and back in order. Our team of experienced plumbers in St. Anthony can lend their skills for anything involving drains, pipes, fixtures, appliances, and more. We offer plumbing repairs, maintenance, installation, and replacement help to cover the spectrum of septic services.


St. Anthony property owners who need water heater repairs or water heater replacement can turn to us for those. Since so many parts of life at your home or business require warm water, this is a significant component of plumbing systems that should only be looked at and worked on by a certified expert.


We also offer assistance with cooling systems. Allow us to take your broken A/C and repair it to get it back on and running. If for any reason we are not able to remediate the issue, our technicians will perform A/C installation and get a new one put in at your place in St. Anthony. In addition, we also provide professional A/C maintenance, which involves routine checkups, tune-ups, and cleanings.


When your heater stops working or has a sudden drop in efficiency, reach out to McQuillan Bros for heater repairs. Our staff will examine the unit to see what could be causing the poor performance, and then get to work executing furnace repairs so you can be warm again. The heater maintenance services we offer can help prevent issues and situations like these, but eventually the time will come to get a new system in St. Anthony. When you find yourself in that scenario, let us handle the furnace installation job.


We recommend whole home humidifier installation to anyone who approaches us with concerns about stuffiness indoors. Great for improving the air’s moisture concentration, these devices are a convenient way to make it easier to breathe in your building. If you already currently have one and are looking for a company to do whole home humidifier repairs, our staff can do those as well.


Get in touch with McQuillan Bros to speak with our staff about servicing your plumbing, cooling, or heating system. Whatever is going on at your place in St. Andrews, you can trust that we can handle it and provide professional service and reliable results. Call us today!