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Maintaining all your home’s essential systems can be challenging without the proper tools or training. It takes services from skilled HVAC technicians, plumbers, and electricians to ensure every aspect of your home operates as it should.

At McQuillan Home Services, our team offers comprehensive heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical solutions that White Bear Lake families trust.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime certified warranties on replacements, there’s no better team to resolve the problem at hand than McQuillan Home Services.

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Air Conditioning Services in the White Bear Lake Area

Summers in White Bear Lake can be stifling without a properly functioning AC. At McQuillan Home Services, our cooling experts are trained to handle all your air conditioning service requests, including:

  • Air conditioning repair: Our team can fix everything from frozen evaporator coils and refrigerant leaks to clogged air filters and loose electrical components.
  • Air conditioning installation and replacement: Replace your existing system with a top-quality upgrade. We’ll quickly and expertly install your brand-new AC so that you can enjoy it!
  • Air conditioning maintenance: Protect your long-term investment in your system with annual maintenance to keep your AC in the best working condition.

We service all cooling system makes and models from central AC to ductless mini-splits and heat pumps.

We also offer indoor air quality solutions designed to help manage your humidity, purify your air supply, and eliminate harmful airborne contaminants.

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Heating Services for White Bear Lake Homes

When the winter weather arrives in White Bear Lake, families need reliable heating to keep warm until the spring thaw. Our HVAC technicians have the skills and experience necessary to help with all heating service needs, including:

  • Heating repair: We can repair any make or model heating system, from furnaces and boilers to heat pumps and ductless mini-splits.
  • Heating installation and replacement: We’ll carefully assess your home size, comfort needs, and budget to match you to the best heating system for you and your family.
  • Heating maintenance: Through our thorough heating tune-ups, we’ll optimize your system for improved energy efficiency, reliability, and performance.

If you’re experiencing heating problems, don’t get left in the cold. McQuillan Home Services is here to help put all your heating troubles to rest. Call us at (651) 292-0124 to schedule heating services in White Bear Lake!

Plumbing Services in White Bear Lake

At McQuillan Home Services, our plumbers are continuously trained to deliver quality plumbing solutions to White Bear Lake families. We offer the full suite of plumbing services that residents need, including:

  • Plumbing repair: We have experience repairing all types of plumbing fixtures, including faucets, toilets, sinks, burst pipes, slab leaks, and more.
  • Plumbing inspection: Our team will ensure your plumbing system is well-maintained and capable of meeting everyday plumbing demands.
  • Plumbing installation: From bathtubs and kitchen sinks to garbage disposals and other appliances, our plumbing installation team can add or replace any fixture to your home.
  • Water heater services: We repair, replace, and maintain all water heater types, including gas, electric, and tankless units.
  • Sump pump services: Protect your basement from flooding with sump pump repair and replacement.
  • Water quality testing: Ensure safe, high-quality drinking water by professionally testing your water supply.
  • Water conditioning: Combat hard water and harmful contaminants by installing water filtration and softening solutions.

Schedule plumbing services in White Bear Lake, MN, by calling McQuillan Home Services at (651) 292-0124 today!

Sewer & Drain Services in White Bear Lake & Surrounding Areas

Our team is prepared to service all areas of your home plumbing system, including your drains and sewer lines. Our drain and sewer services include:

  • Camera inspections: Through our video camera pipe inspections, we can diagnose the root cause of your drain clog, pipe leaks, and sewer line damage.
  • Drain clearing: We use chemical-free drain cleaning and clearing techniques to eliminate stubborn blockages.
  • Trenchless sewer line repair: When your sewer lines are mostly intact but have sustained damage, our team can repair or replace them without digging up your yard.

Don’t let your drain and sewer lines go ignored. Get the top-quality solutions you need by calling (651) 292-0124 to schedule drain and sewer services in White Bear Lake today!

Electrical Services in White Bear Lake

Our licensed electricians have the skills and experience necessary to resolve virtually any electrical service request. We offer:

  • Home wiring: Whether you need electrical remodeling, switch, outlet, appliance, or knob and tube wiring, our experienced team can help.
  • Electrical upgrades: Bring high-performance electrical service to your home by upgrading to an all-new electrical panel. We also offer generator wiring to ensure you’re prepared in case of a blackout.
  • Light fixture services: Install new lights, replace flickering fixtures, or repair faulty lighting with McQuillan Home Services.
  • Electrical safety services: From electrical audits and code corrections to whole-home surge protection, our electricians do whatever it takes to ensure your home’s safety.

If you need a knowledgeable electrician in White Bear Lake, look no further than McQuillan Home Services for the expert solutions you need. Request electrical service now by calling (651) 292-0124!

Why Choose McQuillan Home Services?

Since our founding in 1883, McQuillan Home Services has provided the exceptional service experience that local families deserve.

Our licensed, insured technicians offer solid, honest work backed by fair, upfront pricing. We strive to deliver 100% satisfaction guaranteed to all our valued customers, going above and beyond to provide personalized solutions that endure.

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