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Ductless Mini Split System Efficiency

Keeping your home cool and comfortable in Minneapolis, MN can be an energy-intensive task during our hot and humid summers. This is especially if you rely on a central air system. Central air conditioners and heat pumps, however, are not your only options for remaining cool. Today on the blog, our Heating and air conditioning company St. Paul MN discusses Ductless Mini Split System Efficiency. 

Why Ductless Mini Split Systems Are Efficient

While central air systems rely on intricate duct networks to provide conditioned air throughout your home, mini-split systems are duct-free. As follows, this is why more and more homeowners are choosing Ductless AC Twin Cities. Additionally, our St. Paul MN HVAC Contractor explains that this distinguishing trait enables ductless systems to be among the most energy-efficient residential cooling alternatives. Thus, your home’s ductwork may appear to be airtight, but most ducts develop fractures and leaks.  Consequently, causing them to lose a significant amount of energy. McQuillan Bros, the Best HVAC company Minneapolis, explains that mini-splits save energy by eliminating the need for ducting entirely. Ductless Mini Split System Efficiency

SEER Ratings

Many ductless systems have remarkable seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings, indicating that they will keep your home cool and comfortable while consuming minimal energy. Some mini-splits are Energy Star certified, indicating that they meet or exceed national efficiency standards.

Better Indoor Air Quality

High humidity, excessive dust, and insufficient ventilation create more than just annoyance.  In addition, our HVAC Minneapolis MN techs say that indoor air quality issues can also reduce the effectiveness of your cooling system since they demand more energy to fix. Fortunately, most mini-split systems include components designed to address your home’s air quality issues. However, even the most basic ductless systems include dehumidification devices that remove excess moisture from the air, making your home feel cooler and more pleasant. Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, Sacramento HVAC Company, shares that even in Sacramento where it isn’t humid, ductless mini splits serve multiple purposes. Many advanced ductless systems include high-tech air filters and ventilation systems that boost airflow and eliminate pollutants, allowing them to run more efficiently while also allowing you to breathe easier.

Cooling with a Purpose

First, mini-splits have more targeted cooling capability than central air systems, which use a single cooling component to provide cool air for each room in your home. Importantly, the majority of ductless systems are made up of an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit that cools a specific room or portion of your home. This configuration makes them perfect for newly finished rooms. It also helps difficult-to-cool regions such as sunrooms, and places not connected to your home’s duct system. As follows, these ductless systems offer cooling electricity only where it is needed, you have considerably more control over the amount of energy you consume and can achieve higher efficiency.

All-Year Comfort

While ductless air conditioners specialize in efficiently cooling your home, ductless heat pumps have the ability to keep your family comfortable all year. When winter hits, a ductless heat pump can be quickly switched from cool to heat mode. Additionally, most mini-split heat pumps are designed to heat efficiently even when the outside temperature dips below freezing. As follows, you can be confident that a ductless system will keep your family toasty and warm regardless of the weather.

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