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How to Unclog a Sewer Line at Home

Plumbing problems are the worst, especially when it has to do with your sewage. When this happens, Minnesota’s Orignal Home Service Provider, McQuillan Bros. Our team of experienced plumbers can solve all your plumbing needs. If you’d like to try to fix the problem yourself, read this blog where we discuss how to unclog a sewer line at home. 

how to unclog a sewer line - Minnesota

How Do You Know Your Sewer is Clogged

Clogged drains are a source of frustration for many households, but a clogged sewer line is on another level entirely. When the main sewage line becomes clogged, it can make it difficult or impossible for any wastewater, to go through. Instead of being flushed away properly, all of the trash you try to expel from your home will remain in the pipes and eventually back up into your drains. If you’re having this problem, you’ll need to unblock the line. A sewer line cleanout is unpleasant, but it is required to keep your home running smoothly. If you’re not familiar with plumbing, please leave this up to the professionals. McQuillan Bros offers emergency plumbing services throughout the Twin Cities areas. 

Is My Main Sewer Drain Obstructed?

A gurgling noise coming from your toilet, washing machine, or shower is usually not a good sign. In fact, most plumbing companies can tell you right away that your main sewer drain is clogged. Be careful, you might be able to see sewage coming back up into your drains. 

What Is the Cause of a Blocked Sewer Drain Line?

In most cases, especially in older homes, tree roots might obstruct the proper operation of your sewage system. Tree roots are drawn to the warmth and moisture of a sewer line and enter through microscopic fractures or loose joints in the pipe. Our friends at Tureks Plumbing, who provide trenchless sewer repair in Appleton, WI, add that the roots develop and cause a blockage in the sewage pipe as they feed on the abundant nutrients found there. Toilet paper or other waste eventually becomes entangled on the roots, preventing water from passing through the main sewage drain line. Flushing sanitary materials like paper towels, facial tissues, feminine hygiene products, or even extra-thick toilet paper might clog your sewage system. However, this is a lot less common issue. Sewer pipes are normally 6 inches in diameter. To put it another way, it takes a lot of loose debris to clog your sewer line.

Sewer Line Inspection

A camera inspection may be required to determine the clog. When you contact McQuillan Bros for a sewer line clog, we will place a special camera in the line. This is a non-invasive inspection. Before you start pouring chemicals into your main sewer line or attempting to clean the line with an auger, high-pressure water. It’s always recommended that you contact a local plumbing company for a sewer line inspection. 

Unclogging a Sewer Line

A clogged sewer line might render your house uninhabitable. You can’t stay in your house if you don’t have working toilets or sinks. Fortunately, you may be able to unclog the sewer line yourself. Try the following steps if you feel comfortable:
  • Turn off the main water supply when you first see a clogged sewer line. The sewer cleanout line might be found in your yard, basement, or roof. This is a white pipe with a screw-on cap that measures 3-4 inches in length. Remove the cap from the cleanout line. This should relieve sewage pressure and allow backed-up water to drain into your home.
  • Sewer cleaning contractors use a variety of tools to unclog large sewer drain lines. A flexible cable known as an auger or drain snake is one of the most effective. The auger, which is frequently driven, can be fed down the sewage system in portions until the plumber reaches the clog and breaks it up. Water jets can also be used to flush roots and other debris from sewer lines. While you can rent these tools and handle the task yourself, inappropriate use may result in pipe damage. A clogged sewer pipe should be cleaned by professionals. In most areas, sewage drain cleaning services are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to unclog drain pipes.
  • Camera inspection. If the auger or water jet does not clear the blockage, a camera inspection can be requested to establish the cause. If the camera finds cracks or breaks in your sewer line, contact McQuillan Bros for trenchless sewer repair.

Contact McQuillan Bros

As you can see, unclogging a sewer line is pretty complicated. When in doubt, contact McQuillan Bros. Our team can locate the problem and provide you with a solution in no time. We also offer a Home Care Club to make your home services affordable.


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