What to Do When Frozen Pipe Bursts

what to do when frozen pipe bursts

What to Do if a Frozen Pipe Bursts

When winter hits us here in Minnesota, Twin Cities plumbers are inundated with calls from homes seeking assistance. While it is true that frozen pipes are more common in older homes, they may happen to anybody. The danger of frozen pipes is determined by where the pipes are placed in your home and the insulation strategy employed to protect them.

What Should You Do If A Frozen Pipe Bursts?

Today on the blog, our Saint Paul Plumbers share what to do if a frozen pipe bursts. When water freezes, it expands, which can cause leaks or burst pipes. Frozen pipes can occur as a result of cold weather. Below, our Minneapolis frozen pipe repair specialists share urgent measures you may take if a frozen pipe bursts in your house, as well as how to prevent it and further information on why your pipes burst.

Turn Off Water Supply

Make sure you know where the main water valve is in case of an emergency, such as a frozen pipe rupture. You should immediately turn it off. In some cases, electricity must be cut off in the region where the pipe has broken. If you reside in an apartment complex and are unable to turn off the water supply on your own, contact the landlord or building management immediately.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

When anything like this occurs, make sure to contact your homeowner’s insurance company. This type of problem is frequently covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Your insurance agent will work with you to ensure that the pipe is repaired and that your house is restored as needed.

Contact Your Twin Cities Plumbing Contractor

The first step is to call a plumber.  It is advised that you conduct research and obtain the phone number of a reputable plumber. This way, you won’t have to settle with whoever is available when your frozen pipe bursts. Plumbing prices vary depending on where the pipes are located and the extent of the damage. If there is extensive water damage, you will also need to contact a water damage specialist.

Remove the water immediately.

Our friends at Tureks Plumbing, emergency plumber Fox Valley, shares that it is critical to mop up water as soon as possible to avoid mildew and mold growth. Towels, buckets, mops, and a wet/dry vacuum are required. Do not wait for the plumber to remove the water for you; the longer you wait, the more probable mold or major water damage will occur.

Preventing the Bursting of Frozen Water Pipes

The simplest approach to avoid pipe bursts is to keep pipes from freezing in the first place. There are a few things you can do to keep your pipes from freezing and breaking when it gets cold, but there isn’t much practical you can do to heat the ground surrounding your house.

Do Not Leave Water in Pipes

When the temperature gets too chilly, let the water trickle from your faucet. While the leaking may be annoying, it will help keep the water from freezing. A frozen pipe might be detected if the faucet stops operating or the toilet does not refill.

Insulate Your Plumbing Pipes

Lastly, our Minneapolis Plumbers share that another thing you can do to avoid your pipes from bursting is to keep them properly insulated. Make sure to use a heated reflector lamp or expanding foam to insulate any interior pipes that are located in chilly regions such as garages, attics, or basements.

Contact McQuillan Bros For Frozen Pipe Repair

As you can see, drips, leaks, cracks, and even full-fledged pipe breaks may occur, inflicting significant damage to your house or company. When you believe your pipes are frozen, call McQuillan Bros right away! Our experts will help you and address the issues as soon as possible.


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Electrical Safety 101

electrical safety 101

Electrical Safety 101

You use electricity to power your house, but do you understand electrical safety? Thousands of home electrical fires occur each year, and with over 180 instances involving electrocution or electricity-related mishaps. As follows, home electrical safety is much too crucial to overlook. Today on McQuillan Bros, our Twin Cities electricians our Electrical Safety 101 Guide.

Electrical Safety 101: What You Need to Know

Tons of electrical fires are caused by faulty or broken wiring and related electrical equipment, followed by lights, light fixtures, cables, plugs, transformers, and other power supplies. When inspecting your house for potential fire concerns, always check with an expert. Below, our Minneapolis electrical company Electrical Safety 101.

electrical safety 101 Tips for Electrical Safety

Many electrical fires may be avoided by following a few basic electricity safety guidelines. The following are household electrical safety guidelines that every homeowner should be aware of and adhere to. If you have any doubts regarding the safety of an electrical outlet or device, always contact an electrician near me.

1. Verify that all of your fixtures and appliances are utilizing the right wattage

Using the appropriate bulbs can help you avoid electrical difficulties, so make sure you’re using the correct wattage in all of your lights, fixtures, and appliances. If the wattage of a light fixture is not specified, use 60-watt bulbs or less. Our Saint Paul Electricians recommend choosing 25-watt bulbs for unlabeled ceiling fittings.

LED lights use less energy and lessen the danger of fixtures overheating.

2. Keep an eye out for overloaded outlets

Electrical difficulties are frequently caused by overloading an electrical socket. As follows, check that all outlets are cool to the touch, have protective faceplates, and are in good operating condition.

3. Replace or repair broken electrical wires

Damaged power cables provide a severe domestic electrical safety danger, as they can cause fires as well as electrocution. All power and extension cables should be examined for fraying and cracking on a regular basis and repaired or replaced as needed. Power wires should not be fastened or run beneath carpets or furniture.

If you frequently use extension cords, it’s possible that you don’t have enough outlets to meet your demands. Install extra outlets in areas where you frequently use extension cords by a certified electrician who understands electrical safety standards.

4. Unplug any unneeded appliances

When an appliance is not in use, unplug it. This is one of the simplest electrical safety advice, but it is also one of the most often forgotten.

5. Keep electrical equipment and outlets away from water to avoid electrocution

Water and electricity do not get along. To adhere to electrical safety regulations, keep electrical equipment dry and free from water. This prevents appliance damage and can safeguard against bodily harm and electrocution. It is critical to have dry hands while working with electrical items.

6. Be cautious with heaters and water heaters to avoid accidents

Portable heaters and built-in furnaces should be maintained away from combustible materials. Keep combustibles away from heating units for furnace safety. Our friends at Tureks Plumbing, Water heater replacement Fox Valley WI, explains that portable heaters should never be used next to draperies, and they should always be put on a sturdy surface to avoid tipping.

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Since 1883, McQuillan Brothers has treated every home as if it were our mother’s or grandmother’s. We take pleasure in our old-school professionalism and honest, dependable electrical solutions. Contact the McQuillan Brothers now for the best household electrical services in St. Paul and Minnesota.

electrical service twin cities


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Why Is My Thermostat Not Linked to My Furnace?

Why Is My Thermostat Not Responding to My Furnace?

Why Is My Thermostat Not Responding to My Furnace?

The connection between your home’s thermostat and furnace is critical. You set the thermostat and expect it to instruct the furnace what to do to keep your house warm and pleasant. But what happens if the two don’t get along? McQuillan Bros, the best heating company St. Paul MN, explains the answer to Why Is My Thermostat Not Responding to My Furnace? 

Your Question Answered: Why Is My Thermostat Not Responding to My Furnace?

If you’ve ever set the thermostat and the furnace doesn’t react as expected, it’s time to call a Minneapolis HVAC specialist to figure out what’s wrong. This article will identify four typical thermostat problems, how to remedy them, and when Minneapolis furnace repair is required. Continue reading to find out more.
Why Is My Thermostat Not Responding to My Furnace?
Why Is My Thermostat Not Responding to My Furnace?

Examine the Power Source

It’s often as simple as replacing the batteries in your thermostat to solve an issue with your heater. Many digital thermostats are powered by ordinary batteries. Also, our Saint Paul heating repair technicians recommend checking to see whether there is electricity at the furnace as well.

Examine the Options

Many digital thermostats are pre-programmed with setback settings. Is your computer executing a program? As follows, examine your thermostat for program settings and the temps at which they are set. Most are set to a temperature that is too low for our climate in the winter. Additionally, please keep in mind that if you use the setback feature, you should not go lower than 3 degrees Celsius below your daily average temperature.

Faulty or Aged Wiring

To interact with the furnace, your thermostat utilizes a wired connection. These connections may get looser with time. This might be the cause of your furnace’s unexpected failure. In many circumstances, a low-voltage thermostat’s loose connections may be tightened. If you are unsure about the voltage of your model or are concerned about working with electrical devices, call an HVAC specialist for assistance. When compared to mechanical faults in the furnace, wiring difficulties are a comparatively modest furnace repair expense.

Old Thermostats

Many individuals now use “smart thermostats,” which manage the furnace using your wifi connection and complicated software. These devices are regularly updated through the use of a software update. Additionally, our friends at Gilmore Heating, Air and Plumbing, furnace replacement Sacramento, advise homeowners to check the app for their thermostat to discover whether your software is out of date . This can be a huge help if your furnace suddenly stops operating.

Furnace Repair Could Be Necessary

If you’ve tried everything to fix your thermostat and the furnace still isn’t responding, it’s time to search furnace repair near me to get your heating system back up and running. Our skilled technicians have a wealth of knowledge in residential furnace repair. We can evaluate your furnace and make the required changes to repair the thermostat and furnace connection.

Know When to Make a Decision

At McQuillan Brothers, we’re here to help you fix your heating problems as quickly as possible. Many problems with your thermostat and furnace may be avoided with Minneapolis furnace maintenance. We can assist you if your thermostat is in good working condition but you still have heating troubles. Contact McQuillan Bros today so our top-rated HVAC technicians can perform repairs as soon as possible. heating repair near me


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Warning Signs Your Heater Needs Repair

Warning Signs your heater needs repair

Warning Signs Your Heater Needs Repair

The enormous necessity of a home’s heating system is only realized when the system fails in the chilly Minnestoa weather. You may not even realize that your home’s heating system needs repair until it fails. As the weather in Minneapolis, MN grows colder, you’ll want to make sure your heating system is operating properly and keeping you warm. Today, our team shares earning signs your heater needs repair. 

The Warning Signs That Your Heater Needs Repair

Modern heating systems are more dependable and have a longer life expectancy, but they might fail if not properly maintained. Our Minneapolis HVAC Company explains that a contemporary heating system has a lifespan of 15-20 years. However, our St. Paul MN heating experts explain that variables such as harsh weather and a lack of repair and maintenance might shorten the life of your heating system. Below, we share the warning signs your heater needs repair.

Warning Signs your heater needs repair

Regular heating maintenance in Twin Cities MN is the only method to extend the life of your heating system. A conventional heating system that is not even routinely maintained will not fail all of a sudden. When it is in need of maintenance, it will display a variety of warning indicators. It is critical to keep an eye out for these warning signals before your heating system fails. We got with our friends at Gilmore, Sacramento HVAC company, to come up with the following warning signs.

A Burning Odor

A horrible, burning odor is one of the most prevalent symptoms of a heating system in need of repair. If you detect a strange odor as soon as you switch on the heating system, it is a strong indicator that you want heating repair in Minneapolis MN.

This burning odor might indicate a faulty or damaged portion of the heating system. It might also be the consequence of a plastic or rubber item burning within your heating system. It might be an indicator that your heating system requires service or that a certain component needs to be tuned. Changing the filters may help you cure your problem, but only an expert can assist you to evaluate the demands of your heating system.

Unusual Noise

When heating systems start-up and shut down, they normally make little noise. If you hear a loud or strange noise, you should contact a boiler repair Minneapolis company as soon as possible.

Depending on the underlying problem, you may hear a screaming, pounding, or grinding sound. This might be caused by a damaged internal component or a loose and disconnected portion. Regardless of the sort of noise, you should contact our team as this issue requires professional attention.

Increased Energy Costs

Repairing and maintaining your heating system on a regular basis will help you save money on electricity. Regular maintenance increases the efficiency of the system, lowering your costs.

If you see a sudden spike in your energy costs, combined with other indicators of a heating system repair, it is an indication that your heating system requires repair. Leaks in the heating system, as well as blocked filters and vents, can cause your energy costs to rise. 

Constantly running compressors or short cycling

Both of these disorders are symptoms of a more significant underlying illness. Short cycling happens when the system becomes overheated and abruptly stops. This is because it takes a long time for the heating system to achieve the desired temperature.

Both of these issues can badly harm your heating system and result in increased energy expenses.

Uneven Heat Distribution in the Home 

One of the evident signs of a broken heating system is uneven heat distribution in your home. You may have noticed that certain portions of your home remain chilly even when the heating system is turned on.

This issue could be alleviated if you place a layer of insulation around your doors and windows. However, if the problem persists, it is best to contact a professional for heating repair in Minneapolis MN. Only a professional can assist you in identifying the underlying problem and recommending an acceptable solution.

The furnace in the house has a filter that protects your family from dust particles. Dust particles are a major cause of allergies in the house. If the filter is not replaced for an extended period of time, it can harm the heating system and enable dust particles to enter the house.

heating repair near me

Contact McQuillan for Heating Repair Services

If you have any of the above issues, you should contact McQuillan Bros today for heating repair services. We’d love to help you get your heat back as quickly and efficiently as possible! Search heating repair near me to find our services. 


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