Emergency HVAC Services

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Emergency HVAC Services in Minnesota

If you live in Minnesota, you know how extreme temperatures can get. Whether you’re experiencing freezing temperatures or one of our famous heatwaves, know that you can always count on McQuillan Bros when things go wrong.  When an HVAC emergency arises, our trained professionals will respond promptly and get your HVAC system back to normal.
At McQuillan Bros, we are available round the clock because we know that heating and cooling problems can develop at any time of the day or night. So, feel free to call about our emergency HVAC services.

Trust McQuillan Bros for All Emergency HVAC Repairs

  • We always give our clients upfront explanations of their HVAC problems. The costs are no different. We will let you know the cost of your HVAC repairs before we start.
  • We don’t levy an overtime charge regardless of the day or time when you call for our help.
  • We guarantee our repairs and always do the job right the first time.
  • Our technicians are licensed and go about their work in a courteous and expeditious way.
  • We are a trusted company for all heating, cooling, furnace, and plumbing issues in Minnesota.

Factors That Trigger Emergency HVAC Situations

HVAC emergencies can be inconvenient, costly, and very disruptive. Our plumbing and HVAC technicians advise that you take note of the following conditions that could lead to an HVAC emergency.

Improper Preventive Maintenance

Most emergency calls that our staff at McQuillan Bros attend to in Twin Peaks and St. Paul, MN, are connected to lack of proper maintenance.
For example, when filters aren’t changed as recommended, or fluid levels aren’t assessed by a professional periodically, the system may fail.
We, therefore, recommend that you work with a trusted HVAC company in St. Paul, MN, like McQuillan Bros, so that your heating and cooling system can be maintained appropriately. 

Inexperienced Service

Many HVAC service and repair tasks can only be performed by an experienced professional. For example, not many homeowners have the skills or even the tools needed to check the electrical components of an air conditioning unit in order to confirm that their current draw is within the parameters set by the equipment manufacturer.
When air conditioning repairs and service tasks are performed by an inexperienced person, the chances of an HVAC emergency are high. It is quite easy to make a small mistake that costs you big time. 
For this reason, we recommend that you find a local St. Paul air conditioning maintenance professionals to do the job. This will ensure that your HVAC system is working at its best when you need it most.

Outdated Systems

As a heating and cooling system ages, it becomes increasingly prone to frequent breakdowns and emergencies. If you notice that you are making more frequent emergency calls to HVAC St. Paul, MN professionals, think about the 50% rule. 
We asked our friends at Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing, an emergency HVAC company in Sacramento, to explain the 50% rule. This rule states that the moment the cost of repairing your heating and cooling system is estimated at half its current value, it is time to upgrade to a newer unit. Don’t worry, McQuillan Bros will help you to select and install the most suitable HVAC unit for your needs.
If you have been spending a lot of money on HVAC emergencies, contact McQuillan Bros today. Our experienced team of HVAC professionals will help get your HVAC system back up and running again. At McQuillan Bros, we offer free, no-obligation HVAC estimates. So, if you need an air conditioning repair or an air conditioning replacement, you can count on us to get the job done right. 

One Hot Room: Why is One Room Always Hotter?

One Hot Room - McQuillan Bros

One Hot Room: Why is One Room Always Hotter?

At McQuillan Bros, we often receive calls from St. Paul and Twin Peaks, MN homeowners complaining that they have one room that is hotter than others. So, why is one room always hotter? As our HVAC St. Paul MN technicians explain why you might be experiencing one hot room in the house. 

Possible Culprit #1: Undersized HVAC Equipment

Before any air conditioning system is installed, a technician performs a heat load calculation. This evaluation is necessary for choosing the correct AC unit size for the home.
However, the heat load in the home often changes as the years roll by, and this can cause a previously appropriate HVAC system to be too small for the new demand placed upon it. For example, when you install additional appliances that generate heat, the added heat load may tip the balance of the AC unit from correctly sized to undersized.
You have a number of options to consider if a plumbing and heating St. Paul MN professional finds that the HVAC system is undersized. These include using ceiling fans, limiting heat-generating appliances, sealing all doors and windows, or even replacing the inadequate HVAC system with a correctly sized one.

Possible Culprit #2: Warm Air Rising Naturally

Our experienced professionals at McQuillan Bros explain that for multi-level homes, it isn’t uncommon for the entire upper floor to be hotter than the rooms downstairs. This happens largely because the denser, cool air sinks to the lowest level of the home. Heat tends to rise to the top.
One hot room is common in Minneapolis. St. Paul HVAC technicians suggest that you improve the attic insulation, install a ventilation fan within the attic, adjust the vents and dampers. In the most extreme circumstances, install an HVAC system dedicated to serving the upper floor of your home. Before you install an additional air conditioning system, consult McQuillan Bros so that we recommend the best course of action.

Possible Culprit #3: Leaky Ductwork

Over time, the sealing on the ductwork in your home can deteriorate. If this deterioration is particularly pronounced in the ducts leading to a specific room, you may notice that the temperature there will be hotter than in the rest of the house.
Before you jump to any conclusions in this regard, invite our St. Paul air conditioning repair professionals. We will quickly identify any leaks and seal them. While sealing or insulating ducts isn’t a guarantee that the hotter room will now be more comfortable, the overall performance of the HVAC system will benefit when the leaky ducts are fixed.

Possible Culprit #4: Inappropriate Thermostat Placement

Another common reason for a room that is too hot is the poor location of the thermostat. While many homeowners may think that the HVAC system has temperature sensors located throughout a home, the truth is that the system relies on just a single sensor found inside the thermostat.
For that reason, any thermostat placed in a wrong location, such as near a window or a heat source, will send inaccurate data to the system. Ultimately, making one or more rooms in the home hotter than the rest.
It is therefore imperative that you contact McQuillan Bros. Our professionals will examine your thermostat and adjust the location if needed. 

Possible Culprit #5: Overdue Adjustments on Vents and Dampers

The HVAC system of your home may have become unbalanced and the dampers, as well as the vents, now need to be adjusted to address the imbalance. Our friends at Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing, an AC company in Sacramento, adds that most cases of unbalanced systems arise when a room is being used for something different.
For example, if you converted a bedroom into an office, it’s likely that the new space is generating more heat due to the computer wires. If you try to adjust the dampers and vents on your own and no change happens, call an HVAC company in St. Paul, MN professional for help.

Still Unsure About Your Hot Room?

Each home is unique, so we recommend calling an air conditioning professional. At McQuillan Bros, our trained HVAC technicians will quickly inspect the ac system and identify all points of weakness contributing to the uneven cooling. We will provide you with cost-effective solutions, regardless if you need an air conditioning repair or an air conditioning replacement.