Reasons for Pre-Season Heating Inspection

Reasons for Pre-Season Heating Inspection - St Paul MN

Reasons for Pre-Season Heating Inspection in St. Paul

Fall is here, but before you pick where to put that new pumpkin spice candle, schedule a pre-season heating inspection and tune-up with your local HVAC company. Scheduling a pre-season heating inspection before the crisp fall breeze sweeps through your home benefits both your budget and your property’s safety. HVAC efficiency tune-ups are performed prior to the heating and cooling seasons to identify and repair any problems that may arise before the season begins. Here are five reasons for pre-season heating inspection.

Reasons for Pre-Season Heating Inspection - St Paul MN

1. Maintains Its Efficiency

According to, “as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling.” As a result, making wise choices concerning your home’s HVAC system can have a significant impact on your power expenditures – and your comfort.”

When you call McQuillan Bros for a heating inspection, we will ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. This benefits your wallet in several ways: you save energy by keeping your heating system at top efficiency, and your system isn’t working harder to compensate for clogged filters and dirty parts. This will also assist to extend the life of your heating system and reduce the need for emergency maintenance.

2. Maintain the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most warranties demand a yearly inspection of your heating system. If you don’t, your heating system’s warranty may be voided, which may not seem like a big problem until you go to turn on the heat and nothing occurs. You are now paying full price for parts and services because you do not have a warranty.

3. Make Your Furnace Last Longer

You wouldn’t wait for your car to break down before getting an oil change, so why would you treat one of your home’s most valuable appliances any differently? By scheduling a pre-season heating inspection and tune-up, you can avoid major problems that could lead to system failure and replacement later on.

Inspecting your furnace before winter arrives also helps to avoid the all-too-common meltdown, says Gilmore Heating and Air, who offers heating replacement in Sacramento. When you take care of your heating system before putting it through its paces during the tough winter months, it will be ready for the workload rather than surprised and unable to function as you want.

4. Remove Rust and Dirt

A pre-season heating inspection provides preventative treatment, which goes a long way. Cleaning corrosion and grime from your heating system is part of this. Along with cleaning parts, your professional HVAC technician will repair any filters that may be causing your system to work overtime.

Safety of Heating Inspections

Pre-season heating checks are performed with safety in mind, regardless of whether you are inspecting your home, your wallet, or your comfort. By having your heating system inspected, you can avoid carbon monoxide leaks produced by fractured heat exchangers and other possible hazards in your house.

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Boilers vs. Furnaces

boilers vs. furnaces - Twin Cities MN contractor

Boilers vs. Furnaces

Which heating system is best for you and your family? To make the right decision, you must first consider the distinction between a boiler and a furnace. In this article, our Twin Cities HVAC technicians share the difference between a boilers vs. furnaces.

What’s the Difference?

The simplest way to note the distinction is that a furnace uses air to disperse heat in your house, while a boiler uses water. Both heating systems work in very different ways. A furnace heats the air, which is then circulated in the home by a blower motor and the duct system. The boiler heats your home with hot water. Hot water boilers use a pump to distribute heat through small hot water pipes to heat baseboard, cast iron radiators, or radiant flooring systems. A steam boiler heats the radiators in the home by distributing steam through a network of pipes. Boilers, also known as hydronic heat systems, can be powered by coal, oil, electricity, or renewable fuels like wood pellets.

boilers vs. furnaces - Twin Cities MN contractor

Benefits of Boilers & Furnaces

Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each heating system will help you decide how to heat your house. Furnaces use warm air, which causes a drafty atmosphere because air is constantly blowing around. Air movement is beneficial for cooling in the summer but is inconvenient for heating. Radiant or convection heating, such as baseboard or cast iron radiators, can provide consistent heat and temperature stability. Hydronic heating systems, unlike forced air systems, do not scatter dust and allergens in your home and do not dry out the air. Although a boiler system for heat and central air for cooling is slightly more costly than using the air conditioning ductwork to heat by adding a furnace, hot water heating is worth the extra expense when it comes to comfort. 

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Type of Heating Maintenance Needed

Maintenance is extremely important. You need maintenance on just about everything. Our friends at LMS Garage Doors, a company for garage door repair Sacramento, agree that maintenance is critical to the longevity of anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s your car, garage door, or HVAC system. The type of maintenance needed is another distinction between these systems. Since air is blown in the building, some contractors recommend adjusting the air filter of a furnace once a month or once a quarter for optimum air quality. Boiler cleaning is completely different. High-performance boilers and oil boilers (such as a warm air furnace) typically require an annual heating inspection, while a cast iron gas boiler will operate for years with little maintenance. So, boilers vs. furnaces – which is better for you? It’s determined by your needs and your budget. McQuillan Bros is the leading heating and cooling company in Minnesota and beyond. We have so many HVAC options for you to choose from! Contact McQuillan Bros today to schedule a free estimate. 

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Why You Need a Smart Thermostat This Winter

smart thermostat - McQuillan Bros

Smart Thermostats Make Winter More Bearable 

As the holidays fade into the distance and Minnesotans go into winter hibernation mode, many of us break out the to-do lists and fill our time with indoor home projects like painting, redecorating or basement finishing. If this year’s to-do list includes updating your home to “smart” status, McQuillan Bros can help. Our professionally installed smart thermostats are simple to use, Wi-Fi enabled and designed to help minimize your home’s carbon footprint.

Five Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat

  • Smart control, at home or away. McQuillan Bros’ technicians provide training for your new, intuitive thermostat, which can be seamlessly paired with companion apps allowing precise temperature control from anywhere in the world. Designed with Wi-Fi sensors that work in conjunction with boilers or furnace systems, these next-generation devices give you the freedom to lower home temperatures when you are gone longer than expected—and raise them just in time for your return.
  • Smart savings, year-round. HVAC use accounts for a whopping half of a typical home energy budget! Along with weatherproofing, window upgrades and window coverings, a new Wi-Fi thermostat can help you defray winter heating costs. Thermostats like Nest learn your home’s heat-usage patterns, take upcoming weather into account and program themselves to keep you cozy while saving energy. You’ll start saving today when our heating and plumbing contractors in Minneapolis integrate your boiler, furnace or indoor air quality equipment with a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.
  • Smart energy reports for a greener home. Smart thermostats track household energy use and pinpoint ways to save more over the long term. Customized reporting features are especially helpful for Minnesotans living sustainably and working to reduce their carbon footprint. (Watch for Nest’s little green leaf when you make an energy-saving temperature decision!)
  • Smart reminders for busy people. It’s tough to keep home maintenance at top of mind when you’re juggling meal prep, working from home or shuttling kids to extracurricular activities. McQuillan Bros’ professionally installed Wi-Fi thermostats simplify your life and safeguard your family by providing emergency notifications, dirty filter reminders and maintenance updates. Choose which notifications are most important to you on your thermostat’s companion app for desktop or device.
  • Smart, teachable interfaces. If you’ve owned a conventional programmable thermostat for a while, you probably agree that it is complicated to program and often more trouble than it’s worth. Nest, Honeywell, and other Wi-Fi thermostats are easily programmed. Even technophobes aren’t afraid of these thermostats, which have simple, modern screen designs and easy-to-use companion applications. Before long, your thermostat will learn your patterns and keep you comfortable—even when you forget to check it.

Schedule Smart Thermostat Installation Today

Whether your boiler, heat pump or HVAC system is a decade old or was just installed, today’s smart thermostats can be integrated to control your comfort while lowering energy use. Some Wi-Fi devices also can be used to control indoor air quality systems, humidifiers, and air filtration systems. To learn more about the benefits of Nest and other smart thermostats or to speak with our plumbing contractors in Minneapolis, call (651) 292-0124 or connect online.
With over 13 decades’ experience serving Twin City homeowners, our experienced techs provide dependable plumbing and HVAC service with family-owned flair. For smart thermostat installation, heating repairs, 24/7 emergency service or boiler replacement in Minneapolis, McQuillan Bros is the team to trust when your winter comfort is on the line.

Homeowner Tips for a Worry-Free Winter

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Homeowner Tips for a Worry-Free Winter

As summer winds down and days grow shorter, it’s wise to tackle DIY tasks that ward off the inconveniences brought on by bad weather. You may already have plans to winterize the RV, put the garden to bed and drain the pool, but don’t overlook basic home maintenance to prepare for frosty days ahead. No matter what type of heating system you have, McQuillan Bros reminds homeowners that prepping now for winter’s onslaught will keep you safe and warm when frigid temperatures wrap the Twin Cities.

4 Essential Fall Maintenance Tasks

  1. Schedule boiler & furnace maintenance. Before temperatures drop to uncomfortable lows, make sure your home’s heating system is ready to perform. Homeowners with a DIY frame of mind should clean or replace furnace filters and vacuum vents, combustion chambers, and flues where dust and soot may have settled. You should also lubricate moving parts like fans, motors, and circulating pumps. To be sure your heating system is functioning at its peak, schedule a seasonal inspection with the HVAC specialists at McQuillan Bros: boiler repair experts in Minneapolis. During your inspection, our certified technicians will also check system ignition, electrical connections and combustion efficiency to let you know if you need boiler replacement in Minneapolis before winter’s arrival.
  2. Clear gutters, downspouts & drains. A buildup of ice on roofs and sidewalks can damage your home and pose a serious safety risk. Clear debris from gutters and downspouts and make sure drainage extends beyond walkways and driveways. Adding extra length to downspout drainage helps to channel water away from your home’s foundation while preventing ice from forming on walking paths.
  3. Winterize windows & doors. Stopping air leaks around windows and doors pays big dividends in energy savings. It also lightens your furnace’s load and adds years of useful service before you succumb to boiler replacement in Minneapolis. Replace old or damaged weather stripping and repair dry and broken caulking. Consider installing storm windows and doors or replacing the old and inefficient single-pane glass with energy-saving options.
  4. Cover faucets & drain outdoor water lines. With freezing temperatures, water expands into ice. Winterize outdoor faucets, hoses, and sprinkler systems to prevent damage. Remember to protect outdoor kitchens and landscaping features that include running water, as well.

McQuillan Bros Offers Seasonal Inspection Discounts

McQuillan Bros has been taking care of the heating and plumbing needs of Minneapolis families for over 130 years. To help valued customers prepare for winter, we are offering discounts on preseason heating inspections. Discerning homeowners count on our certified specialists for furnace and boiler maintenance, water heater replacement and boiler repair in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and surrounding counties. For friendly, local expertise, quality craftsmanship, and upfront pricing, call (651) 292-0124 to schedule service with Minnesota’s Original plumbing and heating company.