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common home boiler problems

Common Home Boiler Problems

From sunshine to snowfall and below-freezing temperatures, Twin City weather can turn on a dime. The best way for boiler owners to be prepared is by staying on top of routine maintenance. A professional boiler maintenance program is designed to spot potential problems, ensure safety and improve heating efficiency. Unfortunately, even well-maintained boilers act up from time to time. When winter heating failure calls for boiler repair service in Saint Paul, entrust your comfort to a trained and certified technician.

Boiler diagnoses vary with the type of appliance, age and usage, but there are a few repairs that consistently crop up over the life of Minnesota boiler systems. Before winter gets the best of you, keep these prospective boiler repairs on your radar—and keep McQuillan Bros on your speed dial.

3 Symptoms of Boiler Trouble

  1. Leaks. One of the most common issues for steam and hot water boiler owners is leaking. Leaks generally spring from a few different places: broken seals or valves, poorly soldered fittings or corroded tanks. Remedies may include resealing the boiler pump, replacing a valve, removing tank debris or replacing the entire unit.
  2. Lime scale. Mineral buildup restricts water flow, causes boiler pressure valves to malfunction, decreases efficiency and leads to “kettling.” (As lime deposits restrict water flow, your boiler may sound like a kettle rattling on the stove.) In some cases, lime scale inflicts serious damage on your boiler’s interior, so routine flushing and descaling is essential. You may also need to install a water treatment system to protect the integrity of your boiler for seasons to come.
  3. Cold radiator. Our friends at Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing, an HVAC company in Placerville, agree that even when your boiler is heating water properly, trapped air, a faulty pump, or a bad thermostat may cause radiators to malfunction. If your radiator isn’t heating, don’t troubleshoot the problem on your own. Call a professional trained in the safe handling of steam and hot water boiler repair in Ramsey County. DIY boiler repairs could lead to scalding, gas exposure or water damage.

McQuillan Bros Home Care Club: Your Answer to 2018 Comfort

While the forecast may keep you guessing, your home climate shouldn’t. At McQuillan Brothers, we keep boilers and heating systems running safely and efficiently, all winter long—so you can weather whatever Minnesota throws at you.

Did you know we offer an affordable Home Care Club that pays for itself in one or two visits? As a club member, you’ll sit back and leave the scheduling to us. We’ll remind you when it’s time for your annual heating visit and prioritize your schedule so you won’t be left waiting. To join the Home Care Club in Washington, Hennepin or Ramsey counties, call 651.237.5097 today. To request boiler repair service in Saint Paul, connect online and a member of our family-owned company will reach out to schedule an appointment.

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