When to Replace Your Central AC Unit

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When to Replace Your Central AC Unit

Air conditioning systems are a necessary investment. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Even if you stay on top of your air conditioning maintenance, a time will come when you’ll need an AC replacement. But, how can you know the time is up? The air conditioning replacement MN professionals share how you know when to replace your central AC unit.

The Age of Your AC Unit

Our experienced air conditioning technicians estimate that AC units last for approximately 10-15 years. The expected lifespan of AC units is therefore one of the important factors that determine when those units should be replaced.
As your air conditioning unit becomes older, its efficiency drops significantly. For example, while the average AC energy consumption maybe 44 percent of your monthly utility bill, an inefficient unit will require a lot more energy.
Additionally, older AC units use a refrigerant called R22. Due to environmental concerns, this particular refrigerant is being phased out. It will, therefore, be harder and more costly for you to maintain your older unit.
The professionals at Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing, an air conditioning company in Placerville, agree that if your unit is close to or even older than 10 years, now may be the time to talk to McQuillan Bros about a replacement.

Excessive Dust and Noise

If you can’t seem to have a dust-free home despite all the effort devoted to cleaning the house, your air conditioning system may be to blame. You may have a problem with the indoor coil. This is commonly known to cause dust to circulate in your home.
An overly noisy AC unit may also be a sign of an overdue air conditioning replacement. Component wear, inadequate maintenance, and the normal aging process may have caused the unit to emit abnormal noises as it works. Consult your St. Paul air conditioning repair technician for advice about the viability of repairing or replacing this noisy unit.

AC Maintenance Costs are Skyrocketing

If you’re on the fence about replacing your AC unit, pay attention to the following costs.
First, we at McQuillan Bros recommend that you analyze the energy costs incurred while you use the air conditioning system. If the bills are getting higher without any change in your usage habits, then it is likely that your system is inefficient. Our AC professionals are more than happy to take a look at your AC unit to see if an AC repair or AC replacement is in your best interest. 
Secondly, how much have you been spending on AC repair? How frequently have you had to call St. Paul air conditioning repair professionals to fix a defect with the system? If maintenance costs have been going up, then you should consider replacing your central AC unit. You’ll be able to enjoy reliable and energy-efficient cooling.  

Humidity and Cooling Inconsistencies

Under normal circumstances, an AC system removes humidity and provides uniform cooling throughout a home or business premises. However, you may be unable to enjoy these benefits if a defect exists in the air conditioning system. Find out from McQuillan Bros if it is wise to repair or replace your AC unit. 
If you are concerned about the upfront cost of replacing the air conditioning unit, then remember that you may qualify for state and municipal rebates for upgrading to a more efficient AC unit. The improved efficiency of a new unit will make your investment worthwhile and any rebates you qualify for will be the icing on the cake.
If you have are experiencing any problems with your air conditioning system, contact McQuillan Bros. We are more than happy to help you any HVAC or plumbing problems. Contact us today!

Benefits of High-Velocity AC Systems

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5 Benefits of High-Velocity Air Conditioning

Many older homes in Minnesota don’t have ductwork or a functioning ac unit, which is why so many homeowners turn to high-velocity air conditioning systems. So, what exactly are high-velocity HVAC systems? In this article, you’ll learn what high-velocity AC systems are and their unique benefits for your Twin Peaks home.

What is a High-Velocity Air Conditioning System?

High-velocity air conditioners are special central AC systems that provide conditioned air in buildings with no traditional ductwork. The conditioned air in a high-velocity system is moved around the building through small, flexible tubes that are placed in the ceilings and walls of the building. High-velocity air conditioning systems are the perfect choice for those who want excellent air conditioning and minimal impact to the interior of your home.

What Are the Benefits of High-Velocity Air Conditioning?

Easy to Install

Unlike traditional ductwork, high-velocity air conditioning systems are easy to install. Our HVAC technicians at McQuillan Bros won’t need to tear up your floors or walls to install a high-velocity ac system. Typically, an air conditioning replacement in MN with a high-velocity system can take up to a day to install. 

Quieter Operation

If you have an older home, you’re probably familiar with how inconveniently loud window ac units are. Fortunately, high-velocity air conditioning systems are much quieter. Since tubes are so small and the air handler is well-insulated, you won’t notice a loud vibration from your system. If you can’t stand to bear the noise of your old ac unit running, contact McQuillan Bros for a free ac estimate. 


High-velocity systems are the most compact systems available today. We are able to install these systems just about anywhere. So, you’ll be able to better utilize your space as you please. You don’t have to worry about our St. Paul HVAC team gutting your home to install the system. If you have a vintage home or are going for a more minimalist look, a high-velocity ac system will be perfect for you.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

High-velocity ac systems are very popular in Minneapolis thanks to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our friends at Gilmore Heating and Air, a residential ac company in Placerville, agree that the high-velocity ac systems are much more efficient than traditional units.
HVAC professionals at McQuillan Bros explain that the small tubes used with this system are sealed, which means there’s almost no chance of heat loss and air leakage, unlike in the larger ducts of other central air conditioning systems. 
Since the system is compact and pumps high velocity conditioned air, less energy is required to keep the air conditioner working. So, you’ll notice that your energy bills reduce after you call McQuillan Bros for your high-velocity ac replacement.  

Better Aesthetics

Let’s face it, appearance matters. High-velocity air conditioning systems are also known for being aesthetic and functional.
You won’t have to have any unnecessary scars or large air outlets in your walls. Similarly, the small tubes used safeguard historic buildings and designs of modern homes. Gone are the days when you had to put up with large, unsightly HVAC units!
As you can see, high-velocity air conditioning systems offer lots of advantages that other central air conditioning systems don’t. If you would like to learn more about what high-velocity AC systems can do for your Twin Peaks home, contact McQuillan Bros today. Our HVAC specialists are happy to provide you with a free ac estimate and answer any questions you may have.

When It’s Time to Upgrade Your AC Unit

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5 Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your AC Unit

A working AC is vital to keeping your St. Paul MN home comfortable, especially during the hotter months of the year. Some families get so used to their AC that they keep using it long after it has reached the time when it needs to be replaced. So, how can you know when the unit in your Twin Peaks’ home is due for an ac replacement? The plumbing and air conditioning experts at McQuillan Bros point out the following signs that suggest when it’s time to upgrade your ac unit. 

Spiraling Energy Bills

One of the earliest signs that you may notice when your air conditioner needs to be upgraded is that your energy bill is higher than usual. HVAC St. Paul MN technicians point out that if you are experiencing a spike in energy use without a change in routine, your AC unit is most likely acting up.
As HVAC systems grow older, they have a tendency to consume more and more power even if you are meticulous in maintaining those systems.
However, before you kick your old AC system to the curb, give McQuillan Bros a call. One of our experienced technicians will perform a thorough AC inspection. From there, our HVAC techs can help you make an informed decision without giving you the hard sell.

Abnormal Noises

Many St. Paul air conditioning repair calls that we respond to have something to do with weird noises. These are generally due to a component that has loosened or needs to be replaced. However, abnormal noises also become increasingly common as an HVAC system gets older.
When you hear these unusual noises coming from your AC, contact McQuillan Bros immediately. One of our highly skilled technicians will identify the problem and solution on-site. McQuillan Bros is committed to providing honest and professional advice. We have a no-gimmick, upfront pricing that applies to each and every job.  You can always count on McQuillan Bros for the best air conditioning repair and replacement services in Twin Peaks.

Long-Running Time

If the AC was correctly sized for your St. Paul MN home, its running time shouldn’t suddenly become longer than it was before. Our friends at Gilmore Heating, Air, and Plumbing, an HVAC company in Placerville, add that longer running times indicate that something is wrong with the unit, or it has aged so much that it is struggling to circulate enough air to keep the home cool. 
Many times, the blower motor or defective coils may be to blame for this increased running time. An air conditioning repair can quickly fix these problems in your Twin Peaks home. During your free AC estimate, our HVAC techs will let you know if your home would benefit more from an AC repair or an AC replacement.

Frequent Repairs

You may also suspect that your air conditioner needs to be replaced if you’re constantly needing an AC repair. 
Regardless of how reliable your AC has been in the past, like all appliances, its components start wearing out and failing. You may, therefore, find that the motor is repaired one week, the condenser breaks down a month later, and a few weeks later, you have to perform another repair on the system.
In such a case, it is best to find an air conditioning replacement expert in Minnesota so that you can upgrade to a more reliable and efficient air conditioner. If your commercial or residential AC system is broken, contact McQuillan Bros for a 24/7 emergency service. Our service techs will fix the problem in no time.

Old Age

The frequent repairs mentioned above are usually linked to air conditioning systems that have been in use for long and are now nearing the end of their service life. 
In most cases, HVAC systems will work reliably for about ten years, but some can exceed this timeline if they were properly maintained by your St. Paul air conditioning service technician.
After ten years in service, the performance of your AC is likely declining. Additionally, components may start failing, and you will start needing AC repair more frequently. This is your cue to plan and replace your AC unit before the repair costs get too high.
Unsure about if it’s time to upgrade your ac unit? If your air condition unit is struggling to keep up with the Minnesota heatwave, turn to McQuillan Bros, the best HVAC company in Minneapolis, for a free AC estimate. Our HVAC professionals are always happy to help, and we are prepared to work with all major brands and models. Our experienced technicians will assess the condition of your AC and repair what is repairable, or advise you to replace the unit if the cost of the repairs isn’t justifiable. Contact us today