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Knob & Tube Replacement

It can be exciting, but also extremely difficult, to become the owner of an older, heritage-style house. If your house was constructed before 1950, the type of wiring the house has should be considered. It could have knob and tube wiring if it was an older home, and it was never fully rewired. It is common for older homes to have the old “knob and tube” wiring technique. Not only is this an obsolete wiring process, but it may also even be unsafe.

If your home is wired in this manner, please contact McQuillan Brothers to replace your wiring.  We will ensure that your home is up to code. We’re here to help, from repairing electrical sockets to updating the home wiring scheme!

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Electrical Services
Safety, Repair & Replacement

We respect your home and will make the process smooth and efficient. There are instances that, in order to install new electrical wires to throw out the old, we would need to cut a hole in your roof or wall. This is all circumstantial, and the electrician and/or estimator will determine this. Rest assured, McQuillan Brothers will treat your home how we’d treat our mother’s or grandma’s – with respect and old school professionalism. Contact our family business today to learn more.


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