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Light Fixutres

Light Fixtures

If you’re searching for energy-efficient indoor or outdoor lighting that adds atmosphere to your home, our team at McQuillan Brothers is here for you! Our electricians are skilled at adding beautiful, ambient lighting to your home, transforming the look of your space. Upgrades the light fixtures in your home is a great way to brighten your space and improve your home environment. Our talented electricians ensure that your home projects suit your needs and provide unique options for homeowners. Since 1883, the McQuillan Brothers have been delivering quality, five-star services. We have the equipment, methodology, and drive to get the job done right. Contact our Twin Cities electricians today if your whole-home lighting design needs an upgrade.
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Electrical Services
Safety, Repair & Replacement

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting 

At McQuillan Brothers, we know how important your indoor and outdoor lighting is. Lighting sets the entire atmosphere of your home, making it essential to get it just right. If you’re in a new home or renovating an old lighting fixture, you’ll want to choose the right type of lighting for your project. Our installers will assist you in obtaining more general light at home, enhancing the quality of light indoors, adding task lighting, and more!


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