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Electrical Upgrades

Electrical Upgrade Services

If the electrical systems in your home in Minneapolis or St. Paul are causing problems, lagging behind your needs, or just not setting up the way you want them, we can help. Many Minneapolis homeowners are wanting to upgrade their home electrical system. Our trained electricians are here to support you!

Our electricians and product experts have been helping Minnesota homeowners get the latest of leading solutions and top-class support. Our team At McQuillan Brothers is committed to providing our customers with the best service possible. We have clear, upfront pricing and a lifetime guarantee on the work we do.

Electrical upgrades St Paul

Electrical & Preventative Upgrades

Panel Upgrades in Your Home

You should count your breaker box or electrical panel as the ‘heartbeat’ of the electrical structures of your home in several respects. The panel controls how much power you have reliable access to, and it extends to wires and circuits from there, and finally to your outlets and sockets. If the panel is out of date, poorly sized, or worn down for your electrical needs, then it will lead to a host of electrical problems.  Our Minneapolis electricians will assess your total requirements for electrical connectivity and offer a robust enhancement package that allows you to power your home’s every gadget, instrument, device, and light fixture as needed.


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