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Heating Services

Reliable Heating Services in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Residential Heating Services

The middle of a Minnesota winter is the worst time to discover your heating system is out-of-service. When you need furnace, boiler, or heat pump services, you don’t need them tomorrow; you need them right away!

For over 130 years, our family-owned and -operated business has stood by, always ready to help our community. Our certified, licensed, and insured professionals can identify the cause of your problem and perform the necessary service to resolve the issue.

McQuillan Brothers proudly offers the following heating services across the Minneapolis/St. Paul region:

We guarantee we’ll always get the job done quickly, cleanly, and correctly.

Contact McQuillan Brothers at (651) 292-0124 to schedule service today!

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Heater Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

The Importance of Heating Maintenance

Many homeowners don’t think about heater maintenance until it’s too late because their heater has broken down. Do everything you can do avoid an unexpected furnace or boiler breakdown by calling McQuillan Brothers for heater maintenance today. Every heater maintenance visit includes:
  • Replacing any filters you have
  • A visual inspection of the entire HVAC system
  • Testing each component of the heater
  • Cleaning out the areas where dust and debris can collect
If we find any problems during our heater maintenance, we’ll fix them for you so they don’t cause bigger issues later. You can also join our Home Care Club. This includes regular inspections for your HVAC and ventilation system. Learn more from your technician or call us today.

The Importance of Heating Maintenance

Homeowners often don’t think about heating system maintenance until it’s too late. Most breakdowns can be prevented by staying on top of regular maintenance. Whether it’s a boiler, furnace, heat pump, or ductless mini-split, adhering to maintenance schedules and performing prompt repairs can protect your system from damage. 

At McQuillan Brothers, our heating system maintenance visits include these services and more:

  • Replacing air filters
  • Checking electrical, gas, and water connections and associated components
  • Visual inspection of the entire system for signs of damage and potential failure
  • Thorough testing of each component
  • Cleaning out dust and debris

When you join our Home Care Club, you’ll enjoy regular inspections for your entire HVAC and ventilation system. Learn more from your technician or contact McQuillan Brothers at (651) 292-0124.

Depend on McQuillan Brothers for Your Comfort

Our family-owned and -operated business has served the community for over 130 years. As HVAC technology evolved, so too did the knowledge and skills of the McQuillan Brothers team. Today, our certified, licensed, and insured technicians proudly offer service on both modern and legacy heating systems. 

We can help you maximize system performance, improve efficiency, and reduce your utility bills and your carbon footprint. When you want fast, reliable service you can count on, you can always call our team for unmatched service and quality in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region!

Contact McQuillan Brothers at (651) 292-0124 to schedule heating system maintenance, repair, installation, or replacement in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Systems

We recommend scheduling furnace maintenance once in the spring and once in the fall. This schedule helps ensure your system is ready when the leaves start to turn, and it allows us to repair any damage that occurred during the winter.

Regular maintenance will significantly improve system efficiency, whether you have a boiler, furnace, heat pump, or mini-split. It will also help reduce your long-term heating costs and your long-term cost of ownership, repairs, and replacement.

These systems will significantly improve your indoor air quality because they help regulate the humidity in your home. These levels fluctuate season to season and can vary dramatically depending on whether you have a furnace, boiler, etc. These systems will remove excess moisture from the air, which will prevent mold/mildew growth, and they’ll ensure there is just enough humidity to make breathing easier.


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