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Furnace repair services

Furnace Repair in Minneapolis, MN

Considering how cold the Minneapolis area can be from late fall through early spring, it’s vital to have a furnace you can depend on to keep your family comfortable and safe.

When you have a problem with your furnace and need fast, professional help in the Twin Cities area, turn to our experts at McQuillan Brothers. We’re Minnesota’s original plumbing, heating, and cooling company, and we have served Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area since 1883.

We offer fast, professional furnace repairs with solid, honest work quality, upfront pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Need help with the furnace in your Twin Cities home?

Contact our heating experts at McQuillan Bros. today for fast service and professional furnace repairs in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or surrounding areas.

Furnace repair services Woodbury MN

When To Call a Professional for Furnace Repairs

Going without heat is not an option during a Minnesota winter, so it’s important to know the symptoms of a furnace problem beforehand to avoid a complete breakdown. Call McQuillan Bros. any time you notice these signs of furnace trouble:
  • The furnace starts but shuts down soon after.
  • It cycles on and off too frequently.
  • The blower fan runs constantly.
  • The burners won’t light or stay lit.
  • The flames are more yellow than blue.
  • There’s an alert from the carbon monoxide alarm.
  • You hear unusual noises like banging, grinding, or thumping.
  • There are unusual smells like musty odors, burning plastic, or smoke.
  • Your heating costs have increased significantly.
Our team can diagnose your furnace problems quickly and recommend the best repairs for your budget. Contact us today to schedule an appointment in Minneapolis, Eden Prairie, Woodbury, Cottage Grove, or the surrounding areas.

Minneapolis Furnace Repair Services

A malfunctioning furnace can make your home uncomfortable and pose health and safety risks, from carbon monoxide poisoning to gas leaks and fire hazards. When you need expert furnace repairs with upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, choose McQuillan Bros. We service most brands and models of furnaces. With our skilled, certified technicians and fully stocked service vehicles, we’ll have your furnace running properly in no time. We can repair all types of furnace problems, including:
  • Faulty thermostats
  • Faulty fan limit switches
  • Flame sensor or thermocouple failures
  • Igniter or pilot light problems
  • Roll-out or ignition issues
  • Dirty or malfunctioning burners
  • Flue leaks
  • Clogged air filters
  • Blower motor failures
  • And more
We also offer furnace replacement services for systems that are not cost-effective to repair and furnace maintenance to help avoid future problems. Contact us today for professional furnace repairs in the Twin Cities area.

Prevent Problems With Furnace Maintenance

Want to save energy, cut utility costs, and prevent furnace breakdowns? Choose preventative furnace maintenance services from our team at McQuillan Bros. We offer expert maintenance for most furnace brands. By joining our Home Care Club, you can enjoy comprehensive heating, cooling, and plumbing maintenance, three scheduled service visits per year, priority scheduling, and exclusive member discounts. Contact us online to learn more about our Home Care Club and its benefits for your Minneapolis home.

Schedule Furnace Repair With McQuillan Bros. Today

Keep your home warm and cozy this winter with professional furnace repairs and maintenance from McQuillan Bros. We bring over 135 years of experience, so you can count on our family-owned company for great service with every visit. We’re proud to serve the Twin Cities areas, and we provide on-time service with upfront pricing and guaranteed satisfaction. Contact us to schedule furnace service and repairs in Minneapolis or the Twin Cities area.

Furnace Repair FAQs

If your furnace isn’t working properly, make sure your thermostat is set correctly and has power, and replace the thermostat batteries if it requires them. Confirm that the air filter isn’t clogged and that no vents are blocked. Finally, try restarting the furnace by shutting off its breakers, then turning them back on.

Most furnaces will last about 12 to 15 years before a replacement is necessary, but some can last up to 20. It’s best to replace your furnace when it’s over 10 years old, needs frequent repairs, or has a major failure like a faulty blower motor or a leaking heat exchanger. Call McQuillan Bros. to schedule a furnace installation or replacement today.

If your furnace shuts down after running for a short time, it may have a clogged air filter, dirty flame sensor, faulty induction motor, or other issues. Try replacing the air filter and double-checking your thermostat settings. Call McQuillan Bros. if the problem remains.

Annual maintenance should keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently. At McQuillan Bros., we recommend at least one service visit per year, preferably in the fall, just before the heating season begins. This routine minimizes the chance of a breakdown during the peak of winter.


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