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St. Paul & Minneapolis Frozen Pipe Repair Experts

frozen pipe repair st. paul, mnYou already know Minnesota winters can be icy, but you may not know about the dangers overnight deep-freezes pose to your plumbing system. Plummeting temperatures are bad news when water is trapped in your pipes. Water expands when it turns to ice, resulting in major problems. Drips, leaks, cracks and even full-on pipe bursts can occur, potentially causing major damage to your home or business.

24/7 Care for Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes don’t care if it’s the dead of night. In fact, it’s common for them to reach their breaking points while you’re sleeping—when temperatures are at their coldest. Wayward water spraying from a burst pipe isn’t an issue you can postpone. Taking immediate action limits the damage, and McQuillan Bros is there when you need us. That’s why our frozen pipe repair teams are available 24/7.

Frozen Pipes: Detection & Prevention

It’s easy to know you have a problem when your pipes break and water sprays everywhere. Frozen pipes don’t always reach that point, however. To help you avoid water damage during winter months, our NATE-certified team recommends that you get in the habit of checking your plumbing system, particularly the exposed pipes in your home and basement. Keep an eye out for these four telltale signs, especially during extended spells of cold weather:

  • Water pressure noticeably drops when you run the faucets
  • You can’t draw water at all
  • Frost has visibly accumulated on exposed pipes
  • Unusual smells emanate from pipes & drains, signaling a blockage

The best way to stop water from freezing in the first place is to add exterior insulation to exposed pipes. This practice traps warmth inside, preventing water from turning to ice and putting pressure on your piping.

McQuillan Bros Legacy of Plumbing Service

If you spot the telltale signs of a frozen pipe or you’ve already been dealing with a leaky, cracked or burst pipe, our trained and licensed technicians are here to solve your problem. McQuillan Bros plumbing experts take great pride in providing efficient, friendly service, no matter when you need us. Contact our certified plumbing team to get a free estimate for non-emergency pipe repairs. In case of emergency, call 651.400.8566—day or night.