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Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen Pipe Repair Services

You already know Minnesota winters can be icy, but you may not know about the dangers overnight deep-freezes pose to your plumbing system. Plummeting temperatures are bad news when water is trapped in your pipes. Water expands when it turns to ice, resulting in major problems. Drips, leaks, cracks, and even full-on pipe bursts can occur, potentially causing major damage to your home or business.

Take immediate action when you suspect your pipes are frozen and call McQuillan Bros! Our team will assist you and resolve the situations ASAP.

frozen pipe repair MN

Frozen Pipe Inspection, Repair & Replacement

Frozen pipes don’t care if it’s the dead of night. In fact, it’s common for them to reach their breaking points while you’re sleeping—when temperatures are at their coldest. Wayward water spraying from a burst pipe isn’t an issue you can postpone. Taking immediate action limits the damage, and McQuillan Bros is there when you need us. That’s why our frozen pipe repair teams are available 24/7.


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