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sewer & drain services in Minneapolis

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Drain clogs and sewer backups are inconvenient for any homeowner in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, not to mention they can cause severe damage to your home. Whether the problem results from everyday clogs, obstructed plumbing vents, or more serious issues like broken pipes or tree root infiltration, you can count on our team at McQuillan Brothers for expert service and fast response times 24/7. As Minnesota’s original plumbing, heating, and cooling company, McQuillan Bros. has served the Twin Cities region since 1883. We offer drain and sewer cleaning, pipe repair, trenchless sewer replacement, hydro jetting services, and more. Our team has the skill and experience to tackle the toughest clogs, and we offer fair, upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to back our work. Having trouble with a sink or shower drain? Need a sewer pipe replaced? Contact McQuillan Bros. for expert drain and sewer services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Woodbury, Eden Prairie, Cottage Grove, or the surrounding areas.
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Twin Cities Sewer & Drain Services

For over 135 years, our professional plumbers have solved the most difficult drain and sewer problems in Minneapolis and beyond. We have the latest tools to find and repair drain and sewer problems, from video camera pipe inspections to hydro jetting and power auguring equipment. We offer a complete line drain and sewer services, including:
  • Video camera pipe inspections: With pipe cameras, our skilled technicians can verify the cause of the clog and locate problems like crushed pipes, bellies, or tree root growth.
  • Drain & sewer cleaning: Our team can use hydro jetting and pipe auguring to clear the most challenging clogs as needed or as a preventative measure.
  • Hydro jetting: Using high-pressure water jets, our hydro jetting systems can free tough clogs and remove accumulations of limescale, grease, soap scum, and paper products from inside your drain or sewer pipes.
  • Pipe repair & replacement: When you have damaged sewer pipes, clogged vents, or leaking drain pipes, our team can repair or replace the affected area reliably and cost-effectively.
  • Trenchless pipe repair: Excavating and replacing sewer lines can damage landscaping, driveways, lawns, etc. Our trenchless sewer repair techniques can minimize digging by using a cured-in-place epoxy pipe liner that forms a new pipe inside the old one.
  • Slab leak repair: When you have a damaged drain, sewer, or water line that runs through or below a concrete slab foundation, your can count on McQuillan Bros. to find and repair the pipe with minimal damage to your slab.
Skip the frustration and unnecessary damage to your home. Contact McQuillan Bros. for fast, dependable drain and sewer services when you need them, 24/7.

Signs You Need Drain or Sewer Repairs

Spotting drain and sewer problems early can minimize the damage to your home. Call our expert plumbers at McQuillan Bros. right away when you notice symptoms of drain or sewer problems, such as:
  • Foul odors
  • Slow drains or frequent clogs
  • Gurgling or bubbling from drains
  • Wastewater backups
  • Wet basement floors
  • Puddles or damp spots near your foundation
Contact our expert plumbers online today to request a drain or sewer inspection in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Why Choose McQuillan Bros. for Sewer Services?

As a family-owned company with over 135 years of experience, you can count on McQuillan Bros. for all your drain and sewer needs and expert heating, cooling, and electrical services. We offer honest, solid work at fair prices, and we treat our customers like family, with courteous service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you need help with clogs, leaks, or damaged pipes in the Twin Cities area, contact McQuillan Bros. for expert sewer and drain services. We’re happy to help with all your home plumbing needs!

Sewer & Drain FAQs

Most often, drain and sewer clogs are caused by a buildup of grease, hair, paper products, and soap scum inside the pipes, which restrict water flow. Other possible causes include crushed or broken pipes, tree root infiltration, and low spots or bellies in the pipe. To find out what’s causing your clogs, schedule a pipe camera inspection with McQuillan Bros. today.

Install screens or baskets in your drains to catch food particles, hair, and foreign objects. Allow cooking oils and grease to cool and dispose of them in the garbage rather than the drain. Avoid flushing anything but waste and toilet paper down the toilet, as things like baby wipes, flushable wipes, tissues, hygiene products, or paper towels can easily cause clogs.

Instead of digging up and replacing your sewer pipe, a cured-in-place pipe is installed in its place. Once a pipe camera has verified that the sewer pipes are reasonably straight and not crushed or misaligned, an epoxy liner is inserted into your pipe using air pressure. Once the liner hardens, it creates a durable, solid pipe with a service life of about 50 years or longer.


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