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Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Some drain clogs are just in the drain pipe under your sink. With a little bit of elbow grease and a plunger, you can likely clear the clog yourself. Other clogs can be harder to clear, and you need a professional plumber’s help. The worst kinds of clogs are deep within your sewer line. If you have a stubborn main line clog, hydro jetting is the best solution. At McQuillan Home Services, we’re your local hydro jetting experts. We can help you clear away stubborn clogs from your drain or sewer lines, so your plumbing system can function properly again. Call McQuillan Home Services at (651) 292-0124 or contact us online today to request hydro jetting in the Twin Cities!
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What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a type of drain cleaning that uses high-pressure water to blast through clogs deep in your drain and sewer lines. Hydro jetting can break up built-up grease, limescale, and other matter, while keeping your piping safe, unlike liquid drain cleaners.

Does Hydro Jetting Damage Your Pipes?

At McQuillan Home Services, we start and end your hydro jetting service with a camera inspection. That means we can see into your drain lines to locate the clog and ensure we’ve cleared it out completely. Keep in mind that if the pipes in your home are old, weak, or fragile, hydro jetting is not an option for you. Hydro jetting doesn’t damage new or strong pipes, but the water pressure is strong enough to further damage weak pipes. Call (651) 292-0124 or contact McQuillan Home Services online today to learn more about hydro jetting and request service in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Hydro Jetting vs. Drain Snaking

Both hydro jetting and drain snaking work to clear stubborn clogs in your drain or sewer lines. The difference is in how much matter and debris the system removes. Hydro jetting restores drains to an almost new condition. It can clear gummed up pipes and even blast through tree roots that have infiltrated your sewer line. However, it can be too powerful for old or fragile pipes. Drain snaking clears clogs and removes large debris, like hair and food clogs. It’s a great option for many clogs and safe for older pipes. See if hydro jetting is right for your home’s drain problem. Contact McQuillan Home Services at (651) 292-0124 or online today!

Signs You Need Hydro Jetting

The professional plumbers at McQuillan Home Services can help you determine the best drain cleaning option for your home. Signs that hydro jetting can help clear your drains include:
  • Frequent drain clogs
  • Sewage backup in multiple fixtures
  • Slow-moving drains
  • Noisy pipes
  • Foul sewage smells in your home
If you notice any of these signs, hydro jetting may be able to help you clear your stubborn clogs so your drains can run smoothly again. Call us at (651) 292-0124 or contact us online to request a camera inspection for your Minneapolis-St. Paul home!

Choose McQuillan Home Services for Hydro Jetting in the Twin Cities

Since 1883, we’ve helped local homeowners care for their plumbing systems. We’re dedicated to serving our customers and community. Our plumbers are experts in their field, so you can trust they will be able to solve your toughest plumbing problems. Choose our team for:
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Upfront pricing
  • Background-checked, licensed, and insured professionals
When you need hydro jetting services in the Twin Cities, count on McQuillan Homes Services. Schedule your appointment by calling (651) 292-0124 or contacting us online today!


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