Benefits of Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

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Benefits of Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Energy efficiency is one of the most common requirements for many modern appliances. The less energy your appliance uses, the better. Your HVAC system is no different. It’s extremely important to have an energy-efficient HVAC system because it uses a lot of power throughout the year. Therefore, it makes sense that you want to find an HVAC system that uses less power and provides superior service. However, is it worth it? Below are some of the benefits of energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Increases the Value of your House 

Are you planning to sell your house any time soon? Chances are it will worth a lot more if you have an energy-efficient HVAC system installed. Given the popularity of such systems and the work required to install one in an old home, most home buyers will prefer one with an already installed energy-efficient HVAC system. 

benefits of energy efficient HVAC systems - McQuillan Bros

Saves You Money 

This is perhaps the most important reason for getting an energy-efficient HVAC system for your house. You pay a lot of money to maintain the best ambient conditions inside your home every year. 
St. Paul HVAC contractors explain that an energy-efficient system is built to conserve as much energy as possible while still providing you with the best comfort. This includes features such as programmable thermostats that can be operated by your smartphone. They allow you to switch it on and off as needed without even being at home. 

 Good for the Environment 

We all have a role to play in the conservation of our environment. Energy-efficient HVAC systems are built with the environment in mind. They prevent energy loss and conserve as much as possible, which will ultimately lead to less fuel being used. Our friends at Gilmore Heating and Air, an HVAC company that offers air conditioning replacement in Sacramento, say it guarantees the longevity of available natural resources without, in any way, compromising your comfort. 

Comes with Extended Warranty Options 

Modern and energy-efficient HVAC systems usually come with extended warranties. This is a great money saver for many homeowners who are guaranteed that they won’t lose their money once the unit stops working. 

Increases the Quality of Air in Your Home 

A high-efficiency system will greatly improve the air quality in your home by using various features such as variable speed motors that maintain a consistent flow without using more energy. This way, the unit will have an easier time removing impurities from the air and creating the best living conditions for you and your family. 

Easy to Use and Quiet 

If you are tired of hearing your HVAC system run, then an energy-efficient one will solve this problem for you. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also quiet. Usually, these units are built using high-tech noise-absorbing materials that remove the operating noise. 

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Getting a High-Efficiency HVAC system installed

While there are many benefits of energy-efficient HVAC systems, you won’t be able to enjoy these benefits without the help of a qualified HVAC technician. McQuillan Bros has been family-owned since 1833/offers you the best air conditioning replacement in St. Paul to ensure that you get the unit you deserve. Schedule a call with us today and get your seasonal furnace or boiler tune-up.

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Why You Need a Smart Thermostat This Winter

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Smart Thermostats Make Winter More Bearable 

As the holidays fade into the distance and Minnesotans go into winter hibernation mode, many of us break out the to-do lists and fill our time with indoor home projects like painting, redecorating or basement finishing. If this year’s to-do list includes updating your home to “smart” status, McQuillan Bros can help. Our professionally installed smart thermostats are simple to use, Wi-Fi enabled and designed to help minimize your home’s carbon footprint.

Five Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat

  • Smart control, at home or away. McQuillan Bros’ technicians provide training for your new, intuitive thermostat, which can be seamlessly paired with companion apps allowing precise temperature control from anywhere in the world. Designed with Wi-Fi sensors that work in conjunction with boilers or furnace systems, these next-generation devices give you the freedom to lower home temperatures when you are gone longer than expected—and raise them just in time for your return.
  • Smart savings, year-round. HVAC use accounts for a whopping half of a typical home energy budget! Along with weatherproofing, window upgrades and window coverings, a new Wi-Fi thermostat can help you defray winter heating costs. Thermostats like Nest learn your home’s heat-usage patterns, take upcoming weather into account and program themselves to keep you cozy while saving energy. You’ll start saving today when our heating and plumbing contractors in Minneapolis integrate your boiler, furnace or indoor air quality equipment with a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.
  • Smart energy reports for a greener home. Smart thermostats track household energy use and pinpoint ways to save more over the long term. Customized reporting features are especially helpful for Minnesotans living sustainably and working to reduce their carbon footprint. (Watch for Nest’s little green leaf when you make an energy-saving temperature decision!)
  • Smart reminders for busy people. It’s tough to keep home maintenance at top of mind when you’re juggling meal prep, working from home or shuttling kids to extracurricular activities. McQuillan Bros’ professionally installed Wi-Fi thermostats simplify your life and safeguard your family by providing emergency notifications, dirty filter reminders and maintenance updates. Choose which notifications are most important to you on your thermostat’s companion app for desktop or device.
  • Smart, teachable interfaces. If you’ve owned a conventional programmable thermostat for a while, you probably agree that it is complicated to program and often more trouble than it’s worth. Nest, Honeywell, and other Wi-Fi thermostats are easily programmed. Even technophobes aren’t afraid of these thermostats, which have simple, modern screen designs and easy-to-use companion applications. Before long, your thermostat will learn your patterns and keep you comfortable—even when you forget to check it.

Schedule Smart Thermostat Installation Today

Whether your boiler, heat pump or HVAC system is a decade old or was just installed, today’s smart thermostats can be integrated to control your comfort while lowering energy use. Some Wi-Fi devices also can be used to control indoor air quality systems, humidifiers, and air filtration systems. To learn more about the benefits of Nest and other smart thermostats or to speak with our plumbing contractors in Minneapolis, call 651.237.5097 or connect online.
With over 13 decades’ experience serving Twin City homeowners, our experienced techs provide dependable plumbing and HVAC service with family-owned flair. For smart thermostat installation, heating repairs, 24/7 emergency service or boiler replacement in Minneapolis, McQuillan Bros is the team to trust when your winter comfort is on the line.

Defray Holiday Costs With Home HVAC Savings

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McQuillan Bros Offers Energy-Saving Maintenance 

If holiday spending finds you wishing for an early January, you’re not alone. Thirty-three percent of Americans said they’d skip the holidays to avoid spending money on gifts, according to a 2017 survey by non-bank mortgage servicer Mr. Cooper. With nearly half of U.S. residents in credit card debt and consumer debt rising to a whopping $1.027 trillion in March 2018 (Federal Reserve), it’s no wonder respondents are worried about end-of-year spending breaking their budgets.

HVAC Efficiency May Lead to ‘Found’ Money

This month and all year long, Minnesota’s Original plumbing, heating, and AC contractor help customers get in the energy-saving spirit with affordably priced duct inspections, HVAC maintenance and water heater cleaning in St. Paul. With the holidays fast approaching, McQuillan Bros also recommends simple, DIY ways to save on home utility and maintenance bills—so you can divert that money to more holiday cheer.

  1. Seal HVAC ducts. Most Twin City residents are shocked to know they could be wasting hundreds per year on leaky ducts. During your Home Care Club visit, a McQuillan Bros team member will inspect ducts for damage and leaks while pinpointing other areas of costly energy loss.
  2. Maintain your chimney. The holidays are more fun with a crackling fire, and proper fireplace maintenance keeps heat bills in check. Add caulk around the hearth and keep your damper closed when the fireplace is not in use. Once per season, hire a qualified chimney contractor to clean and check your fireplace for safety.
  3. Install a programmable thermostat. There’s no use in paying to heat an empty home. A programmable or “smart” thermostat lowers temperatures when your family is out of the house—and turns the heat back up to welcome you home. As part of our full-service heating expertise, McQuillan Bros recommends and installs thermostats by Nest, Honeywell and more.
  4. Use LED holiday lighting. Holiday LEDs are more durable and consume 70 to 90 percent less energy than incandescent lights, according to ENERGY STAR. A licensed electrician can also help you upgrade your home fixtures to LED so you can lower your electric bill during the holidays and throughout every season.
  5. Change air filters. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, McQuillan Bros technicians continually urge customers to change or clean filters regularly. Clean air filters decrease equipment wear and tear, lower energy use, produce healthier air and enhance indoor comfort during heating and cooling seasons. Change filters about once per month, especially if you have multiple pets or suffer from allergies or asthma.

Trust McQuillan Bros for Energy-Efficient HVAC Replacement

No one wants to pay for a new boiler during an already pricey season. But if yours is in disrepair, McQuillan Bros can help take the sting out of a holiday boiler upgrade. Financing options include competitive interest rates and convenient monthly payments that suit your budget. We also provide special seasonal offers and help customers file cash-back equipment rebates. If you need boiler replacement in Minneapolis before guests arrive, call 651.237.5097 or contact Minnesota’s Original heating company online. For step-by-step tips to save even more energy this year, visit the Department of Energy’s online guide.