Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair in Minnesota

If your sewer line keeps backing up, it’s time to call in a St. Paul plumber. Trenchless sewer repair companies in St. Paul, MN, offer a less expensive, fast, and environmentally friendly way to replace and repair your sewer lines. In this article, we explain some of the benefits of trenchless sewer repair in Minnesota

What is Trenchless Technology?

Before trenchless repair, the only way to repair broken sewer pipes underground was to dig up the area in order to access the lines. This required more labor, more money, and, obviously, more time. However, with the trenchless technique’s innovation, you do not have to worry about your yard being dug up or your precious rose bushes being uprooted.

Trenchless sewer line repair technology allows plumbers from McQuillan Bros to repair and replace your sewer lines efficiently and effectively, without digging up anything. It should be noted, though, that the costs of the repairs may differ depending on where you live, your sewer design, the rates of the contractor you decide to hire, the layout of your property, and lastly, the trenchless repair technique used. Look up trenchless sewer repair in St. Paul, MN, for professional advice about your plumbing problems. 

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair in Minnesota - St Paul

What Sewer Issues Can Trenchless Sewer Repair Fix?

Trenchless sewer repairs can fix the following problems:

  • Broken or blocked pipes that have been fractured due to household debris or tree roots
  • Underground piping, especially those in homes and apartment buildings
  • Mend water pipes that have cracked as a result of movement in the house or underground 
  • Repair pipes that have been damaged by constant thawing and freezing

Benefits of Trenchless Line Repair Technology

The Repairs are Time Efficient

Repairing a sewer line using the traditional method of digging the line up takes much longer. Taking less time to repair the damaged pipes means that homeowners won’t have to relocate until the problem is fixed. 

Our trenchless sewer repair contractors are skilled at what they do and may carry out the repairs in an hour to a day at most. It all depends on the severity of your sewer’s problem. 

It Saves You Money

Unlike traditional repair methods, structural modification is not required with trenchless sewer repair. This makes the repairs less expensive. There is no need for digging equipment or for more laborers because the plumber only needs to dig two small holes in order to repair the pipes. This also reduces the clean-up costs. 

The Repair Methods Are Less Intrusive Compared to Traditional Sewer Line Repair Methods

Trenchless sewer repairs use the existing pipe designs to carry out the necessary repairs, which eliminates the need to dig. This minimizes the damage to the surrounding area. You’ll be able to fix your sewer line problem without tearing up your landscaping or driveway. Our friends at Do It Right Plumbers, a trenchless repair company in Orange, CA, says that trenchless pipe repair is one of the most popular sewer repair methods to date. 

It is an Environmentally Friendly Alternative 

Trenchless technology allows Minneapolis plumbers to use specialized techniques and equipment to repair or replace sewer line pipes that have been broken or damaged without causing any environmental damage. This technology is, therefore, more eco-friendly than traditional methods.

Trenchless Repairs Are Up to Industry Standards, and They Last for Long Periods of Time

No-dig trenchless sewer repairs performed by McQuillan Bros meet all the applicable plumbing code requirements. The repairs done are durable, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this being a temporary fix.

However, it should be noted that trenchless repair is not the only way to repair damaged pipes.

Other Ways to Repair Damaged Pipes

Pipe Relining 

This technique involves inserting a hardened lining material into the affected pipe. This lining material creates a firmer, newer pipe inside the damaged outer pipe, which eliminates the need to dig up and remove the broken and old pipes before replacing them with new pipes. Talk to a pipe repair plumber in St. Paul, MN, for details about this method.

Pipe Pull Method 

This method replaces the damaged sewer pipes using new pipe sections. This is done by the use of a tiny hole that is found at both the front and the back of the piping run. The damaged sewer line is then used to position the replacement piping correctly. Replacement pipes are estimated to have a 100-year lifespan. The piping is also leak-proof and root-resistant, in addition to being code compliant and chemical resistant.

For Quality Pipe Repair Services

Please steer clear of contractors who may want to dig up your lawn. As you have seen above, there are many more efficient and affordable ways to fix the damage. Take your time while searching for sewer pipe repair services in Minnesota

If your sewer line is damaged or you are experiencing issues with your pipes’ drainage, give us a call at McQuillan Bros. Our skilled team will have your sewer line fixed and efficiently working in no time at all. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are happy to be of service!

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