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Need a New Water Heater?

Five Reasons It May Be Time for an Upgrade

You probably know by now that it’s a bad sign if your boiler or hot water heater is popping, clunking or rumbling, but loud noises aren’t the only sign of water heater problems. Here are some key indicators you need a qualified water heater cleaning company in Saint Paul to evaluate your too-old (or too-cold) water-heating device.

Signs Your Water Heater Is on Its Last Legs

  1. It hasn’t been replaced in a decade. While the average lifespan of a heater is around a decade, many require earlier repair or replacement. Devices older than 10 years are at an increased risk for leaking, rusting and causing potential property damage. Call McQuillan Bros’ HVAC contractors in Saint Paul to discuss high-efficiency replacement options installed by our skilled, reputable technicians.
  2. Your water heater is routinely noisy. February’s blog bears repeating: Damaged or antique boilers and water heaters may clank, pop or whistle in ways that aren’t just unsettling—but could be symptoms of a looming emergency.
  3. You find rust on the tank or in the water. Few things indicate the need for replacement more than the presence of rust in your water or on your tank. When the inside of your water heater tank is corroding, call our trusted, five-star team to perform water heater cleaning in Saint Paul. Ignoring a rust problem could lead to costly leaks, major breakdowns, and unpleasant-tasting water.
  4. Your water heater no longer heats up. If your tank or tankless device is failing to heat enough water for your family’s use, it’s time for an emergency repair or upgrades. McQuillan Bros’ technicians will guide you through the process based on your budget, family size, and hot water needs.
  5. Your heater is leaking. Leaking water heaters need immediate evaluation. Even a tiny leak could mean water damage is imminent. McQuillan Bros recruits the most skilled HVAC contractors in Saint Paul and will help you safeguard your flooring, belongings, and home from a leaky appliance.

McQuillan Bros: Plumbing Replacement & Repair Services

Damaged or aging water heaters cause some of the most stressful household disasters. When it comes to water heater cleaning in Saint Paul, McQuillan Bros HVAC has served the Twin Cities proudly for over a century. Schedule your free water heater consultation and ask about the seamless process used to remove your old unit and replace it with a high-efficiency tank or tankless system. Compact tankless systems deliver hot water on demand without the need for a space-hogging tank. When it’s time to upgrade your home’s current hot water delivery system, call on Minnesota’s Original plumbing and heating specialists: 651.237.5097.

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