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St. Paul / Minneapolis Water Treatment Professionals

Home water treatment systems are an easy way to preserve drinking water quality while safeguarding your family’s health. Though your local water supply may be considered safe to drink, this doesn’t mean it is contaminant-free. In some cases, pollutants seep in through plumbing systems and contaminate water before it reaches the tap.

If you suspect your Ramsey or Washington county drinking water could be improved, take advantage of McQuillan Bros’ no-obligation water treatment consultation. Our water quality technicians will determine if you need a water softener or home filtration system and can recommend the system that suits your household’s requirements. During your free water quality test, our skilled technicians will sample tap water and evaluate it for heavy minerals, impurities and acid imbalances. Our highly rated water treatment systems provide area homes with clean, healthy water on-demand and are easily integrated with existing plumbing systems and fixtures for seamless performance.

Home Water Softener Treatment Installation Service Video

Water Softener Benefits

Many of our Ramsey and Washington county customers benefit from water softeners, which remove “hardness” minerals like calcium and magnesium. Conditioned water offers a variety of proven advantages to residents:

  • water treatment st. paul, mnClean sinks, tubs, and fixtures (no scale buildup!)
  • Sparkling silverware, mirrors, and glassware
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Longer-lasting kitchen and laundry appliances
  • Softer, brighter clothing
  • Increased lifespan for pipes and plumbing systems
  • Lower electric and gas bills

Offering best-in-class salt and salt-free water conditioning systems that improve water quality and minimize the effects of high mineral content, McQuillan Bros also carries whole-house water filtration equipment. These self-contained systems remove contaminants and deliver pure, filtered water to your tap, washing machine, dishwasher and more. Depending on your home’s unique needs, our water filtration systems neutralize acidity, remove sediment and contaminants and minimize chlorine odors or high iron levels.

Why Choose McQuillan Bros for Water Treatment Services

McQuillan Bros Plumbing, Heating & AC backs our water treatment installation and water softener repair services with an industry-leading quality guarantee. Providing Minneapolis & Saint Paul customers with swift, reliable solutions, our polite, uniformed professionals treat your home and family with the care and respect they deserve. Our long-standing service legacy dates back over 135 years, and our fair pricing and superior service set us apart from the competition. Trust our technicians for St. Paul and Minneapolis water treatment services that are value-priced and tailored to the needs of your home and family.

Schedule a Free McQuillan Bros Water Test

If you’re in need of water quality or water softener services in Ramsey, Washington or Hennepin counties, dial 651.237.5097 or complete our online inquiry. We’re Minnesota’s Original plumbing, HVAC and water treatment team, and we’re proud to welcome you to the McQuillan Bros Plumbing, Heating & AC family. We look forward to providing you with the region’s best water treatment services, including water filtration, water softener repair, water softener installation and home water quality testing.

To keep your plumbing system going strong, McQuillan Bros also offers five-star plumbing services in your Minneapolis or St. Paul neighborhood!