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Air Conditioning Services

Residential Air Conditioning Services

While the Twin Cities region may be known for cold weather, the summer sun radiates heat and leaves Minnesotans feeling sticky, sweaty and uncomfortable indoors. Fortunately, today’s air conditioning systems make it possible to control your home’s climate with precision, drastically enhancing comfort and productivity.

Central air conditioners are complex systems requiring proper sizing, installation and maintenance for efficient, long-lasting operation. As a family–owned and operated business since 1883, McQuillan Bros has been a part of the Ramsey County, Washington County and Hennepin County HVAC service industry since the beginning of indoor air conditioning.


Water Heater Replacement Twin Cities
Water Heater Replacement Twin Cities

Air Conditioning Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

Your residential air conditioner’s air filters, coils, and fan blades require regular maintenance according to reputable equipment manufacturers.  Man homeowners reach out when something is wrong with their AC Unit. However, by avoiding necessary maintenance you are likely to see higher utility bills and are more susceptible to future breakdowns.

Scheduling a seasonal ac inspection is crucial to elongating the life of your air conditioner. Our club membership is a great way to keep this chore on task. Ask us how you can become a member. 


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